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Yellowstone , Lake Area . A cold misty day , early October , I'm huddled in my jacket walking to work at the Hotel . A commotion in the parking lot causes me to look up & pay attention . A Grizzly has decided to cruise the back area of the Hotel adjacent to the lot -  a very rare occurence - anyway a small group of tourists are taking pics ,chattering , and feeling the whole Marlin Perkins , Jane Goodall vibe -WAY TOO CLOSE to Yogi . Both Rangers on scene were slightly miffed - one has the shotgun ready and is firing off noise makers to get Yogi on down the trail . The 2nd Ranger is calling for more help on her radio and TRYING to get the group to retreat with frantic arm waving and yelling "MOVE BACK " - As I skirted by the group I heard one guy say to another " I wonder what time they put the animals  away at night ? " - No Way ! Way ! I heard it . So Grizz meandered away eventually and I hope the Rangers were able to provide a bit of Park info to the group - I dunno , had to get 2 work , besides it was cold & rainy .

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Since I have been there myself .... I absolutely believe this happened JP .... exactly as you tell it.  It's like the Buffalo petting incidents that occur every year.   Guess it's all just part of the fun that IS Yellowstone :-)  I really enjoyed your post.
You are absolutely right , the fun that IS  Yellowstone - and the magic - I worked there 2  months and enjoyed 8 rainbows .

The elk at GCSR like to nibble on grass outside around El Tovar hotel early in the mornings. Well an asian couple tried putting their toddler son on the back of the elk; because they wanted a picture. Well the elk didnt want to be disturbed during snack time, so he just moved a few yards away. The asian guests didn't get the hint so they tried again. Well then the elk moved further away. The dad who was holding the little boy turns to the employees who were standing on El Tovar's porch watching and complains to us, "your trained animals are not trained very good"



The most amazing tourist activity that I saw while in Yellowstone occurred during the fall elk rut in Mammoth.  A Japanese man wanted to take a photo of a bull elk that was in just about the same place as the one in the photo above.  He had one of those high resolution cameras that includes a bellows.  He approached to within 15' of the bull, but he could not get the shot that he wanted.  I saw him walk away to go to his van.  He opened the hatch and pulled out a 6' step ladder which he carried to a spot just about where the crosswalk is in the photo.  He set up the ladder and climbed up on it with his camera, ignoring the pleading of a 70-year old volunteer ranger, and everyone else who saw him, (probably because he did not understand English). The bull was about 50' away, but when he noticed the guy, he approached to within 10' of the ladder.  This delighted the photographer who was up there focusing on the bull while the bull was down there focusing on him, and I was focusing on the two of them, preparing to grimace when the inevetable happened.  Well, the cavalry arrived, in the form of a ranger who pulled his squad car between them.  The Japanese photographer was confused by the ranger's action.  The ranger, gesturing wildly, approached him.  He climbed down.  Folded up his ladder, put it back in the van, and drove away.

LOVE that story!! I think some people have spent too much time in Disney World, they don't realize that even tho these animals are all around them they are still WILD.
We have had guests come into our cafeteria and ask if we had any outdoor seating to eat their lunch by the river. I hand them a to-go box and tell them yes, but that they will have to pack their lunch and hike over 9 miles DOWN the canyon to reach the river.

Since you are working at Lake maybe you give us some advice about the area.  My husband and I are going to work in the Lake General Store starting the first part of June.  We will be staying in the employee RV park.  Can you tell me about the RV park and the store.  I know you are at the hotel but I am sure you may have some good advice for us.

Will you be in Yellowstone this summer?

I hope you have a wonderful New Year. 

Hi - The Lake Area is my favorite because of the water . Not only  do you have the hiking etc. , but the Lake brings in more varied wildlife , like Pelicans  and Trumpet Swans . The view from your work site is fantastic . Seems like most workers there are the older/bolder crowd . The store is Busy , however due to it's location the tourist overrun isn't as heavy as Fishing Bridge . The store feels like a general store and again , it,s all about the view . Lots to do in the area , Hayden Valley and the bison/wolf show starts nightly at dusk . Storm Point is a good easy scenic hike . Nearest real shopping is Cody . For Employees the great part of working at YNP is getting to see the sights when the Hordes aren't around . I don't know anything about the rv park , but  i can say you will encounter wildlife daily at your work and home . Overall , it will be a great experience due to the wonderful people you will meet and work along side . Split shifts might be encountered , I'm not sure about your Employer , but thats common at resorts . You've picked  great site for info - Happy New Year , hope this helped . Most work sites at in the Park don't offer the View - good choice !

Thank you for your quick reply.  We are part of the Older/Bolder group...although we have camped, hiked, fished, skied, etc. for years.  We have been to Yellowstone in summer and winter but it has been years.

This experience has been on our Bucket List and we are looking forward to it


We live in Chandler, Arizona and have a travel trailer that we leave in the White Mountains in the summer.  This year will be a different experience.  Not looking forward to split shifts but we will make it work.


Will you be at the Hotel next summer?


Happy New Year to you and  yours.


What time do they turn the lights on @ The Grand Teton Range? lol
Since working in AK, I must say I am not surprised!  But love your story and know that that is just the nature of the beast (tourist).  They just don't get it.  We had guests that baited a bear for a photo op, unfortunately he paid the ultimate price for their stupidity.


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