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Yellowstone , Lake Area . A cold misty day , early October , I'm huddled in my jacket walking to work at the Hotel . A commotion in the parking lot causes me to look up & pay attention . A Grizzly has decided to cruise the back area of the Hotel adjacent to the lot -  a very rare occurence - anyway a small group of tourists are taking pics ,chattering , and feeling the whole Marlin Perkins , Jane Goodall vibe -WAY TOO CLOSE to Yogi . Both Rangers on scene were slightly miffed - one has the shotgun ready and is firing off noise makers to get Yogi on down the trail . The 2nd Ranger is calling for more help on her radio and TRYING to get the group to retreat with frantic arm waving and yelling "MOVE BACK " - As I skirted by the group I heard one guy say to another " I wonder what time they put the animals  away at night ? " - No Way ! Way ! I heard it . So Grizz meandered away eventually and I hope the Rangers were able to provide a bit of Park info to the group - I dunno , had to get 2 work , besides it was cold & rainy .

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Back in 1998, I was a concierge at the Squire Inn outside of the Grand Canyon.  One day the phone rang, and I picked it up to hear a woman ask me if the Canyon was still there?  Yep, you read that right, she wanted to know if the Canyon was still there.....Someone told her the Canyon was being filled up with dirt so they could level the ground and build luxury condos....Maybe you had to be there but that has to be one of the funniest calls I have ever taken. 40Rob
I do say all of these comments are hilarious . Perhaps we are in luck that we are not taking these tourists on Safari . No worries there , my observation is that most Yanks are obese and only walk to their car to purchase horrid drive through food and may perhaps walk briefly in search of the latest kill , maim video - apologies to those offended . I enjoy the Colonies immensely and was fortunate to marry a fair Nebraska Lass over 30 yrs ago .
Tourists can do some pretty dumb things but I think there comments like "When do they let the animals out" and "Is the Grand Canyon still there" is just tourist joking around. No one is that stupid. 

co-workers like to joke around about that, but not infront of the guest of course.. they just wounder why we are so happy........

Coly  , i have had the great fortune of seeing the world , 6 times i have managed to circumnavigate

 this planet . The stupidity of mankind is at times unbearable to witness , but sometimes we can laugh at ourselves . I feel that alot of people are clueless and are very insulated .
The tourists standing within 15 meters of a bull buffalo in rut - these same people , at home don't let little Timmy out of the driveway on his bike and the lad had better have his helmet  strapped on - their concept of danger is foreign in the wild - perhaps in their mind states "pretty buffalo , let's let Timmy pose for a pic , he can't be dangerous because the Gov't would Never just let animals loose in a Park ."
...and by the way , did not the US voters elect G "WMD" Bush to the office of President - Twice !

I worked for a tour boat company in sweet little Seward, AK. Well I have seen everything from a women having a panic attack because she didn't know Ressurection Bay was part of the ocean to a man poo pooing my quote of wave height during a sea day, The waves were OVER 4 meters high!!! All he had to say was ohh thats not that bad. In a 50 foot boat that is a bit extreme for sight seeing. I have had people ask me if they will see whales and when I say "its wildlife, you get what they give" he was upset we didn't have any on stand by for them to see. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! Tourists are the Best part of my job because sometimes you just have to laugh you ass off after they leave. That woudl be what a Lugage Room is for.


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