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 Does any body want to share their knowledge and experiences in SE Alaska. My wife and I are brand new to Cool Works. Unless something goes wrong; it looks lik we will be working in Ketchican this summer.

  We live in E. Tennessee and have never been to Alaska. I have always thought of Alaska as Artic, and extremely cold.  After a little research, I find even the winters in that southeast corner aren't that bad. It looks like summer is very rainly and mild temperatures; which sounds great (90's and high humidity here aren't that much fun).

   This is a big adventure, because we are both in our 50's and I'll be quitting a job here at home (unless the economy gets me before then)

   Appreciate any info. We will probably be driving from E. Tn. (near N.C.) border to Bellingham, Washington, then taking the ferry to Ketchican in mid-April.

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Hi Neil! So have you already secured a job in Ketchican? If so, what will you be doing? I was up there years ago during a cruise ship stop. It was cold, overcast, and raining when we were there .... which is pretty typical during the summer months. I remember seeing just hundreds of eagles everywhere we went ion the Alaskan panhandle. It was hard to believe these were endangered species 'cause they were everywhere! I hope to work in Alaska too (my preference would be Seward) and I am looking to ride the Alaskan ferry also .... but got to get a job lined up first :-) This should be a fabulous adventure!
We will be driving tour buses for Alaska Coach Tours if everything goes right.
It is rainy and cool most of the time during summer. Juneau, being the capitol, has plenty of work for the wiunter season. The ferry is the best way to get to Ketchikan. Like most S.E. alaskan communities, there is an emphasis on fishing and boating. You will be close to Admirality Island where there is the largest concentration of Brown Bears on Earth. Prince of Whales Island is also excellent, with Sitka and other cool towns to visit. Pelican is a small town all on a boardwalk... S.E. is cool. For housing, many decide to live on a boat (it is where I got my inspiration to) and the cost of living become super cheap which makes it easy to save $$$. Good luck...make sure to buy a derby ticket if you go fishing.

Hello Neil,

I was wondering how things went with ACT, as I am considering driving for them this summer.

I too have applied for an "Alaska Adventure" (how can you say "job" when in such an amazing place)? Haven't heard back yet, tho!



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