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hey guys and gals. im new to coolwork's. I have decided that i need a change and need to get out of ohio. Im just not sure how to start. what places would be for me? where would i live? Anyone have any advice to a travel newbie that wants to break out of the regular scene. I am thinking out west, a national park. or a cruise ship.

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It all depends on you? Do you wanna be in the mountains??? try colorado and wyoming.... Do you wanna be on water? For a park I would try Yellowstone they hire alot of people its a good place to start. A cruise ship or a park are gonna be two completly differnt lifes. Check the employers websites and see what its like. If you have a place you are interested in check the forums for any info on em from past workers. If you have any questions let me know.
Dear Dominic smith,

I am working for educational consultancy firm, we are arranging the students to go united states for summer time by that time they improve their english and taste american culture little bit.
this year because of the economic crises, I have lost several employee.
So I need to find more jobs for my students,

If you know anyone who might help,
let us know.
Best wishes

Turhan Atar
Check out my website....I have quite a bit of helpful information and Im adding new stuff all the time.... Feel free to ask me any questions......Good Luck!
Dallas your website is coming very nicely it is looking awesome keep it up, I have to take some time to explore it more. Under job sites you have backdoorjobs, but you need to put coolworks on there too.
hey thanks guys. i have done 3 apps today. 2 in Yellowstone and one at the convention center in lake Tahoe. still looking for some resources for cruise ship jobs. need to look on the homepage some more. one more question. what do you guys do during off season? if the park is only open 3-6 months do you find another job there for the winter like ski lodges etc. or head home for the winter? im looking to travel from job to job. any good ideas on how the best way to approach this is?
There are two primary seasons; Winter and Summer. Many seasons go into the Fall in places like New England (changing of the leaf colors). There are many things to do in the winter season: Go to school, travel to different places (you will know many people from all over the world after a while), work at various temp agencies, visit family, take on a winter seasonal job (Fla and Ski resorts to start with), etc. You will be limited only by your imagination... To borrow a phrase; Just do it!
ok im going to do it. im tired of drab and dreary ohio. Im gonna be a transient for awhile! Should i start looking for winter positions now? when is the best time to apply?
Should be applying for summer now because the hiring is in full swing; winter app time is around mid-aug to nov. You will be amazed at how much more freedom you feel and most importantly, just alive. We have one life; Why spend it being bored in a place you don't like? That is no different than prison...
this weekend will be spent filling out apps. i have relatives in Colorado and cali so those would be good choices for winter. I must say that i am blown away by the amount of support given from the community here at coolworks. As for summer. Im going to put apps up for every place and let fate decide where i go.


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