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Where to work this summer? Tetons; Jenny Lake Lodge, Signal Mountain Lodge or Glacier; Lake McDonald

I am a lucky person and have potential job opportunities with signal mountain and jenny lake in the tetons and at lake McDonald in glacier national park. It is a little overwhelming deciding on where to work as all the places seem awesome and so different. If anyone has worked at any of these places and would like to share their experience or any inside information, it would be greatly appreciated. I will be working in as a server or bartender. Thank you!!!!

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Signal Mountain Lodge is the best of the tetons.  Close to 1000 people apply and maybe 60-75 new people get hired each year. The Management is awesome and the place feels like home to me. I'm going back for my third round.
I worked as a manager at lake mcdonald in the late 80 it is great. You will love it. at lot to do hike bike water rafting etc etc the lake is so awesome at night
So where are you heading after all? would think you would have a place picked out by now. write back with some info buddy.
No Jenny Lake is more awesome!!!!! I was there in 2008 had a great time very good place to work, but so is Signal Mt. we would go to Signal for food and drinks had a blast everytime!!!!!! Jenny is just a fine dinning Lodge.....

thanks steve,

did u make bank at jenny lake lodge? It isn't always about the money for me, it is about the time off to explore and enjoy your surroundings. It seems like signal mountain has a variety of shifts, allowing for maximum enjoyment of days off. From what I have heard you work doubles every day at jenny lake lodge, great for saving money but not for fun time. What was it like living in those cabins?

I have not worked at either but I did work in the area in 09 and we always went to Signal for drinks and food, everything was awesome there and it seemed like the servers were enjoying there job and happy to be there.... Hmmmmm nachos and margaritas....yummo


Moran Mountain Nacho's they should have just served them on a table the plate was so big!!!!


I have a friend who bartended at Signal for a few summers a couple summers ago. He'd make/save enough money to take the fall/winter/spring off to travel. My step-daughter served there, long season from mid -may to beginning of Oct. She loved it, and she was able to bank about 5K. The management is wonderful, the setting is stunning.


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