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If you were offered your choice of these two positions, which one would you except and why?? 1. Dock Representative @ $10.00 per hr. vs 2. Sales and Service Representative @ $9.50 per hr. plus a 5% commission on Tours sold.

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its all depends on which one would be worth it i was a sales and service representatives for a local telephone company it can be stressfull sometimes try to get people to upgrade or buy something they dont really want
Thanks! Reggie

You are absolutely right on! I worked as an Outside Sales Rep in Advertising also...Painful! Especially in Ca. with the economy as it is.. Although I feel it would be a breeze to sell Alaska Adventure Tours out of Skagway. (Since I am a very enthusiastic, animated, individual!) I have not worked either one of the positions, so, I am wondering which one would be most rewarding, demanding, stressful, etc.?
Greetings!! Brenda, I do thank you for your insight. I, too, am a fresh air person. Can relate. I also received a message that the Dock Rep. position would be the better choice due to the economic slow down.....Thanks! J.P.
JP - If you are animated, enthusiastic, and excited, i would go withthe Sales and Service Rep at 9.50 with 5% commission. If these people travel to alaska, they obviously aren't either too concerned OR too affected by the economy... just my opinion though.

Let us know which one you go with!!! :-)
Big Thanks, Jason!

For some reason, I keep leaning toward the Sales Position....Selling Heli-tours to the North Pole...etc. I could get into that! Especially when I would get to experience the trips so that I would become familiar with them. Plus, I do think I would make more $$. I know this is not a phone sales job. I am assigned to a Ship and it's guests when it comes into dock. I just hope the position is more about making guests happy than paper work??? Thanks, Jason..I like your opinion!
let me clarify that - that is, if you are intent on making and saving as much money as you can. If you're there for the outside experience, then i'd go with the Dock Rep. I can see pluses and minuses to both!


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