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Who has been to Denali? If you have been to Denali please give it a . .

If you have been to Denali please give it a  one -five star rating in these five categories :

Good Money ?

Good Companies?

Good Hiking ?

Good Social Life ?

Would You Go Back?

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I will be working there next summer, so I will be able to answer these questions hen. I have heard great things from people who have worked there. It is pricey to get there though. I am taking the ferry with my SUV and the cost for me to have a room on the cabin and my vehicle is $1637 (4 day trip) one way. I will be making the most of it though. Aggie is a featured member on Cool Works worked in Denali last summer (2013) as a park ranger, so he would be able to answer these questions. I am sure he interacted with a ton of employees from other companies in Denali as well.

I worked Denali last summer ... here's the answers

Money?  Pay in Alaska is generally higher than the lower 48.  My usual $13 hourly wage with NPS went to $17 for a GS-4.  But prices are higher too, so you really don't gain anything.

Good Companies?  IMHO same as everywhere else.  Companies trying to make as much money as they can in 4 months.

Good Hiking?  No, EXCELLENT hiking .... the best I've ever experienced.  Huge wilderness areas to explore unlike anything in the lower 48.

Good Social Life?  If you're under 30 I'd say you'll find the parties pretty easy.  Older folks should bring a good book.

Would you go back?  Hmmm....5,000 miles each way and about a $3,000 investment just for travel.  Simple answer is NO.  If I did go back I would definitely take a plane and somehow find some wheels when I got there.

Forgot the star ratings :)

From the perspective of a 64 year old guy ...

Money - 3 star

Good Companies - 2.5 star

Hiking - 5 star

Good Social Life - 2 star

Would I go back - 1 star (although I completely agree with Dominic ... if you haven't been, and can find a job and housing....then give it a go. It will be the trip of your lifetime!)

Many people have been quick to point out the higher cost of living in Alaska which I too have experienced. The higher pay not only balances
out for most people but the scenery is worth more then anything. The answer is if you can get a job with housing go for it, you are never going to see any other place exactly like Alaska. Working as tipped employee I benefited from the Ak min wage of $7.75 for tipped staff whereas I have worked for only $2 most places. I have found jobs there that offer 100% room and board as we'll travel assistance. My last summer my job did not have housing and it was quite expensive to rent, but I just camped all summer and had the time of my life.

I worked at the Chalet Resort. Very fun place to work and made lot of friends. The Computer Wifi system worked very good at the dorms. The employee dinning room was very good too. Lots to do on day's off when working at Denali. 


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