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I am willing to give any advice about working up in Alaska Denali National Park and or Grand Canyon North And South Rim. And at Walt Disney World. Big Bend West Texas. I had a few seasonal work jobs in the locations. I drove solo round trip from Homosassa, Florida to Healy, Alaska in year 2009.

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So how is the trip from Alaska to the south?  Is it a dangerous trip to do solo?  I am wanting to go to Denali next spring and thought I might fly up but rent a car and drive back just for the adventure of it.  I'm from Alabama.  That is if I can get hired on. 

Letha Moore. It took 12 day's each way from Florida to Denali National Park. One can only rent a car when in Alaska. Can't take rented cars inside Canada from USA. You might like They have an message board on Alaska. you also might want to try Yellowstone National Park. They hire a lot and you can drive to the Park. South Rim hires year round. 

bobby, bob blockus 

Hey Bob,

I'm considering a year round employment offer working security at the South Rim.  Can you tell me the good, the bad, and the ugly about working there.  I was planning on making this a permanent gig for a while.


Glyn Best


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