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It's near the height of the summer season, so that means that it's time to start considering options for the next.  A few places have begun their search for employees already, most will open up in another month.  There are fewer places in the winter and for the most part there is no major announcements.  Some add most of their placements at job fairs...they like the face-to-face meetings.  I have started my search, have you?

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Winter would be the only time I would ever think of going to Death Valley. I was online checking out Sequoia yesterday...they are open yr-round. Also the Westmark hotels up in Alaska have a few yr-round jobs.


So yes, I am still looking for something new; and something away from the AZ Summer heat.

I am really enjoying my first season working in the Tetons but I am starting to think about the winter season ahead. I work for the Grand Teton Lodge Company and they are owned by Vail Resorts. I excited about attending the Winter Job Fair Vail Resorts will be holding here at GTLC in the late summer. I am hoping to get a job at one of their properties in the Tahoe area. If that doesn’t work out I will be looking on Coolworks for another seasonal job.

jason try copper mountin easy to get on and cheap aspen is kinda hard to get on  steamboat is pretty good from what i hear

Erin, i beg you for assistance,I want to WORK in Hawaii (not volunteer which i see as the only option here) any leads or a direction you could point me would be absolutely wonderful, thank you.


PS I also would like to work in US Virgin Islands if anyone as ideas there.



I've heard Maho Bay Camps look for people in the Virgin Islands, but everytime I look at their website, the employment page is blank.
My first choice has me leaning towards Loon Mountain in New Hampshire, but they don't start searching until sometime next month.  I did put in an application at Mammoth. I might try the Ivey House, possibly check Ocean Reef.  I stayed four years at the Kay El Bar because of the limited winter choices.  I noticed you were thinking about the South Rim, DNC has some limited options there too.  Big Bend?  I've heard some good things about a place in the keys called Hawks Cay from guests that have been there.  They're year around...and they just list immediate needs I think.
Hay Keith.  Before you head to the Ivey House email me for some info.

Ocean Reef relies first on job fairs and fills most of the slots through them, any other way is just by an odd chance they'd have a spot left.  There are a couple more in Florida that direct face-to-face is the only way...Jupiter Island and Cheeca. Hawks Cay would be my first choice in the keys, just a couple of years ago they depended almost entirely on H2B visas, but with the change in them which made them virtually nonexistent everywhere else most likely had some affect.

Ivey House would be a big backup choice for me only right now.  Would rather be trying different things in different places.  Some winter Coldfoot/Deadhorse might be an option, but not this year.

Loon Mountain is less then an hour away from where alot of my family lives. Never heard of them having employee housing though and NH is not known for cheap rent (or at least not cheap by my definition).
Loon has employee housing and by ski resort housing standards reasonable at $110/week.  I wouldn't mind ding a summer there sometime too.

ocean reef  had alot of freinds that work there its to control envoirment  and there very picky on who there hired if u have any tats they wont hire you they wont let u assoicate with the guest u cant go into the resturantu really u have to found your on entertaiment  u have to buy your own meals they do have an employee cafe.had an couple of friends that apply there  both cooks they told one to shave his mustache off

and the other he was just about to do the paperwork for the drug trust  they saw his tats and turn him down cause of that

Hi Erin,  Would you contact me via email about your experenice at the Ivey House.  I seem to remember that you worked there at one time.


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