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It's near the height of the summer season, so that means that it's time to start considering options for the next.  A few places have begun their search for employees already, most will open up in another month.  There are fewer places in the winter and for the most part there is no major announcements.  Some add most of their placements at job fairs...they like the face-to-face meetings.  I have started my search, have you?

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Hi Erin.  I wish I could share your view of the Ivey house.  The job and the management company was good.  The owner, who is not retired, turned my winter there into a nightmare.  It’s not a good place for a woman alone to go to.

Does anybody know if there is anything good in Key West for the winter? Something with employee housing thats fairly cheap.

Key West is really a year-round destination with pretty steady needs.  I doubt if there is much of a seasonal vacancy.  Which means you'd have to find positions and housing just like if you chose any other city.  There is some need in the other keys with housing, but I don't think it's cheap housing...depending on your definition of cheap....

I am working here at McKinley Chalet Resort and it is my first season and I'm having a great time. There was a flyer put up on the board about the annual job fair which will take place on Aug 7-8 and will be held here the Village and Parkside. It has no names of any of the employers coming here and was wondering if anybody has gone to these in years past and if there are some every year booths and who they are it would be very helpful. I have updated my Vail Resorts Profile and my Xanterra profile as well. And if anybody knows about Lake Powell jobs for Winter. I would like to come back here for 2nd season next year. Thank you
we have the same announcement at Mt Mckinley Princess they list copper mountain,,lake tahoe , sunvalley, girdwood ak, for soem of the employers that are going to be there jus t for few examples i guess i wonder that is the entire list though
Does any one know when the Grand Canyon South Rim starts hiring for winter season?Looking at jobs down for this upcoming winter .
GCSR is open all yr-round and they hire all yr-round...this is for both Xanterra and Deleware North

Hi there. I am interested at the job. Could you help me pls , how, when, where to apply ? Plus what is issue can be with getting visa there?


I have seen the listings for the Peruvian for years.  I know a skier that goes to Alta often and always stays at the Goldminer's Daughter.  While basic researching of the area, the Rustler Lodge kept popping up and catching my eye.  Today I agreed to terms with the latter for this season.

well, I managed to land a job in the US Virgin Islands from October to Mid may/june. (Not through CW mind you but nonetheless im excited)


i can tell you all about my experience if you want to know.  I waited tables there three seasons ago.  Worked for Havana Blue.  I can tell you all about the island life there.

Any insight you can offer would be great. I have never lived on an island before and am told it takes some adapting.


Two questions to start:

1) How hard is it to find housing once on Island? So far I am having minimal luck while off island? (I'll be on St john)

2) I am curious as to how available newer electronics are? ie video games? I am told there is a Kmart on St Thomas and wasnt sure if you knew if their stock was as current asthe mainland. I am sure I may get flacfor this question, but rainy days happen and i play video games so,....


Thank you


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