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It's near the height of the summer season, so that means that it's time to start considering options for the next.  A few places have begun their search for employees already, most will open up in another month.  There are fewer places in the winter and for the most part there is no major announcements.  Some add most of their placements at job fairs...they like the face-to-face meetings.  I have started my search, have you?

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Hey Daniel, What employer did you score a job with in the Virgin Islands?

The Ocean Grille on St John. It is in the Cruz Bay Area.


MY two main concerns now are finding housing and working out if I will be able to take my cell phone there without huge charges

i know all about this place.

feel free to give me a call.  There is a lot you need to know.



Heres my situation:  Three months ago I left Chicago and moved to Cincinnati where I bought my childhood home.  Im having a hard time adjusting to life here.  I wait tables/bartend for a living.  There is plenty of work here in Cinci, but the money isn't very good.  In chicago I would average 1000.00 per week.  I'm making half of that here working six days.  I dont need a lot of money,  I just feel like I'm waiting on a bunch of uneducated diners who are cheap.

  I've done seasonal work before.  A few years ago I spent the summer in Homer, Alaska and the winter in St. Thomas VI.  Overall my experience was good.  I'm considering taking a seasonal job this winter.  Anyone know of a good gig that I can make decent money?  I'd rather work for a smaller family owned business here I feel valued as an employee.  Sounds idilic I know.  


Jeffrey ,

 Good luck at finding small business type work in the winter time on here at least.You may have to dig a little harder for those.But if you don't mind traveling out of state you may want to look at a few Ski Resorts in the Mid West in MT,Wyo or ID even.Most are starting to hiring in Sept or soon.


On a side not my self I may have a job locked up already have to to the phone interview for Big Sky Resort in MT.But pretty much likely have a job there and will be pretty excited about it and doing bussing work for the time.Would any one happen to know the minimum  wage for bussers/servers in MT?

Thanks Jeremy!

After doing some research, there are several resorts in New England and throughout the Rockies that fit the bill.  

My main concern is I don't want to be micro-managed and overworked.  I don't mind working 6 days a week if the money is good.  Otherwise, I'd rather be under 40hrs a week.  

Can someone give me a little advice from first hand experience?  Anyone have recommendations on specific resorts or restaurants where I can make a decent buck and not loose my sanity?  


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