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I've noticed that many of you have been doing this for years? Where do you work in the Winter? When does the winter season start and how early should you start applying for winter positions? Are there long gaps between the seasons? My position at yellowstone only last until late september.

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Brenda, I assume you must have some other income inorder to be able to do that?? I can't imagine myself being able to save enough money to take the winter off.
we are starting full time this year at yellowstone and then will try to go south during the winters hopefully grand canyon or mt zion possible sequoia we will live in rv and travel for a few years till we find somewhere we want to stay all year. hopefully it will be as easy as it sounds. we are 46 and 48 years old we have saved for several years and have decided to enjoy now because you never know what the future will hold!
Jackie, my life has changed so quickly over the last couple of years that I say GO FOR IT!! People wait their entire lives to start living and then someone gets sick or dies and its too late. Like you say you never know what's in the future. I think its great you have a partner to travel with that must be so nice.
The seasons vary. The longest time I've had between was three weeks. That was a bit long then, but I've also started to look at some short term 'volunteer' opportunites if I have that long of time in the future. Ski resorts normally don't look to strt until sometime in November. Winter ranch season starts in Arizona in late September/early October. There are some Floridian resorts that begin Oct/Nov also. There are also some places that are looking year round that may have some availability.

I have used the vague January/June times for the best times to search. But there are some winter places that will look in May and some summer places that are recuiting as early as November. Some are later. There are also sometimes recruiters that travel to other locations, especially ski resorts in the Tetons/Yellowstone areas, and Florida winter places in the New England summer jobs along with the few eastern ski resorts.
I usually go somehwere warm (Florida, Hawaii, Arizona, ect...) and they usually will still have outdoor jobs plus you get to stay in the warm. My other friends have just worked at ski resorts or a winter ranch for the winter. Most places start hiring for winter in October but some places will hire sonner and later. There are times when it's tough to find a job, but it is never too early to start looking at places that hire around the time when you're done working. You can also ask people you will work with about where they are working in the winter. I've found some awsome places that I had never heard of and I was able to go there already knowing someone. If you have any other questions feel free to ask me or check out my website... Good luck
We left Chicago in Nov without jobs lined up. We found employment within days of arriving in AZ for the winter. I was scared at first, but it has worked out great!

All of the places we have applied to are so use to seasonal workers that gaps in employment don't really mean to much to them. There are people that work different seasonal jobs year round, and some that only work in the summer. Seasonal resorts totally understand the "seasonal" lifestyle.

Gaps can be as long or as short as you would like. We are purposely chosing to have a month gap before our summer jobs start. Some places, like the Grand Canyon, are year round. You can basicly start as soon as you want.


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