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I know its a little early but I am already thinking about a winter job. I hope to go somewhere that has a nice warm climate. I would love to go to Hawaii but I dont know where to start. I checked the boards and really found no jobs for Hawaii, southern California, Arizona and Texas. The only one I came across was the Grand Canyon south rim. I have worked ski resorts in the past want to be somewhere warm this winter, anybody got any ideas???? I guess my back up plan is to go to vegas and get a job at one of the resorts or casinos. Please help me if you know some good winter destinations any where warm. I wouldnt mind working in the virgin islands or any tropical retreat!!!

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Hi there Dom ... not sure what you consider "warm" but most of Texas can be quite cold in Jan/Feb. For resort work here best bet might be the Hyatt Resorts ... they run big operations near San Antonio and Bastrop Texas. You can find tropical (Florida like) weather in south Texas around Brownsville, but there really aren't any large resort operations going on there. Another possibility would be signing on to work winter cruises out of Galveston Texas. I know Carnival and Royal Carribean have ships based there during the winter, and cruise mainly to Mexico's Yucatan coastline, Cozumel, and Grand Cayman. Hey, if ya get a job with one of these ideas then help me find a job in Alaska for summer 2010! Really wanting to go up there.
I've worked in Alaska for six summers now and I've loved every one. The season has been slow and the number of employees is reduced, but you have choices beyond the good coverage coolworks gives to the big corps. I can get you info on local businesses who hire every season and provide housing. Or, I know locals who rent cabins for the summer. If this interests you, let me know. We work in the 'middle' of Alaska in and near Denali National Park. Good luck.
i am thinking of winter already too...would love to be a cruise ship dj for the summer! I believe Big Bend park in Texas is open & not too bad in the winter, but then again Im coming from over 15 Montana winters in a row & basically anything that is consistently over 40 degrees and relatively sunny is beautiful winter weather for me. Im done with the snow & clouds for awhile lol i have also heard of a few hotels in Monterey,ca hire winter seasonals, and Death Valley does too. Saguaro Park in AZ would be nice but I was told that they rarely advertise on CW.
Yea I did not find much on CW for jobs yet. I was hoping some people could recommend places they worked or knew where open year round mainly in the southwest. I am also looking into club med in mexico or somewhere would be awesome!! My dream of course would be Hawaii
I'm going to look into the Useppa Island Club, The Ocean Reef Club and John's Island in Florida. I looked into all three a little late last fall and only heard back from Useppa Island. I asked them what kind of transportation-if any-they provided from the nearest airport, bus or train station and some guy-their HR guy, I suppose-replied to me that he hadn't seen my application and maybe I was putting my cart before my horse. Since the guy chose to be a smart-ass instead of even slightly helpful I replied in kind; that I would like to know if my cart would roll before I bought a horse to pull it. Unsurprisingly I never heard back from them despite a few more attempts, mostly to see if they would. I'm still going to apply again this fall. :-P
I love your response to that HR guy.
I know someone who just got done with her winter season at Kalani.
Have a look:
If you're interested in that, I can probably put her in touch with you if you have questions. I know she loved it there.

We also have some guest ranches in AZ that run from mid-Oct through mid-May. They generally start recruiting in July.
Rancho Caballeros and Kay el Bar - Wickenburg - which is near Phoenix

Closer to Tucson:
Circle Z - just outside of Patagonia
Elkhorn - 50 miles southwest of Tucson in Sabino Canyon

All those ranches are in beautiful locations. I've been living in Patagonia since Dec. After 30 years in the northern Rockies this place feels like heaven.
And, coincidentally, my friend that volunteered at Kalani - I actually met her two winters ago at Rancho Caballeros. I went there to do the annual dude ranch convention and she was working there. We've kept in touch since.
I like the Idea of Rancho de los Caballeros , how was the winter weather?? How are the people you worked for?? Whats the housing like?? Anything you could tell me would be great!
If you want a job in a warm place, get one near the ocean or a lake. Don't go to the desert. The desert SUCKS! Seriously.
Now, now Jon. To each his own, but the iceman has his pick.
LOL great reply Kathi! this one made me laugh!
Tell me a little about Rancho de los Caballeros, it keeps kind of pulling me after looking at their pics. I am 57, would I be too old to work there? Is it mainly just young people. I wouldn't want to feel isolated. I have read other posts on here that says it's a party place. I don't mind that if there are any people close to my age that I could talk to & make friends with. I know one guy who has worked there several years, but don't know if he's still with them or not. Mike Hobbs, I worked with him at another location, but he worked for Rancho from October through May. Did you know him? Not sure what his title was there.


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