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I know its a little early but I am already thinking about a winter job. I hope to go somewhere that has a nice warm climate. I would love to go to Hawaii but I dont know where to start. I checked the boards and really found no jobs for Hawaii, southern California, Arizona and Texas. The only one I came across was the Grand Canyon south rim. I have worked ski resorts in the past want to be somewhere warm this winter, anybody got any ideas???? I guess my back up plan is to go to vegas and get a job at one of the resorts or casinos. Please help me if you know some good winter destinations any where warm. I wouldnt mind working in the virgin islands or any tropical retreat!!!

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I think when it comes to Hawaii you usually have to move there before getting a job. Most of them want you to have a Hawaii address when you apply. I have a couple friends from Hawaii who have worked at resorts there and I think they made $15/hour as pool attendants so that's pretty good.
I tried Hawaii and Lisa is generally correct; They want to talk to you in a personal interview. You could always save your $$$ up and then just go and see what transpires. Craigslist has a lot jobs advertised...
Hawaii is a destination vacation spot so it might be a bit slower than the lower 48 however; Good luck in your choices. Tucson, btw, has tone of golf resorts so there will be many job opportunities.

If it's a destination vacation spot why on earth would that make it slower?  It would be the opposite.  As a major vacation spot, it's very busy!

And just a note:  "Lower 48" — from Hawaii?  A little geography needed I think.  "Lower 48" is a term used in ALASKA for the the states BELOW IT, the contiguous states in the U.S.

Hawaii doesn't have any lower 48! 

Jasmine...akscootr has lived in Alaska for many years, so for him it is probably a habit to say "the lower 48" because he probably hears that everyday. So if you ever want a job in Alaska, he might be a good person to get advice from.
Its amazingly cheap to fly from Alaska to Hawaii, I think I might plan on taking a vactaion there and see if I can land a job.
I'm wwoofing in hawaii this winter!
I wwoofed hawaii last winter. amazing weather and beautiful place!
WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. You can volunteer on farms in exchange for room and board.
Hello!! This is sooo funny. I am also looking for a good winter job in a warm climate, so I put "winter job hawaii" into a search engine (as I often do, with no good results) and I came across this thread. I am Kathy's friend who just spent the winter volunteering at Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center on the Big Island of Hawaii and before that I did two winter seasons at Rancho de los Caballeros!! I loved it in both places. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. And if you find any other good, warm, winter jobs, let me know!! Good luck... :)
Hey Lucy,
Check out the Circle Z for this winter. I've heard it's a great place, and we could play together! It's only 5 miles for Patagonia. :)
Cool Kathi (oops sorry I spelled your name wrong earlier!) I will check it out!


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