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Hey gang. This is my first experience in a seasonal position. I am currently at Brush Creek Ranch for the summer and love it so far!!!! Was just wanting advice from some of you with more experience on upcoming winter season. I know it's early but just thinking ahead. I am a southern boy so don't think I'd like the whole ski resort thing. I've seen a few ranch recommendations on some previous forums but wanted to see if any other ideas could be offered. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Jason! As a fellow southern I totally get your concern about the whole snow thing. Arizona and New Mexico have fairly mild winters and winter is an excellent time to explore the desert.  I'm a pretty big fan of Rancho de los Caballeros in Arizona, but there are a variety of options available. Good luck and have fun!

thanks Holly! I keep reading forums of people who recommend Rancho. will have to check it out. Did you work there by chance?

I worked there for 4 seasons starting in Oct 2012. So, if you have any questions I'll be happy to help:)

just maybe curious about the usual : pay, staff size and housing, enviorment, management and treatment of employees, any perks, etc.  Obviously you enjoyed your time there if came back for several seasons, so any insight into the quality of your time there or the items above would be great. thanks

hey holly, been looking at rancho and was wondering if you had any more info. Pay, living conditions, enviornment, etc. would appreciate any insight you have as former employee

Also consider Elk Mountain Ranch, the Arizona one. (There's one in Montana too.) They'll start recruiting around July 1st. They have a smaller staff than Rancho and are southwest of Tucson at a higher elevation so a different ecosystem than where Rancho is. 

thanks kathi!! much appreciated

Hey Jason, Sorry for the tardy reply. Elkhorn Ranch generally starts recruiting for their winter season on CoolWorks around the beginning of July sometime. However, if you're interested, you can apply directly to them now.

This is a classic western dude/guest ranch with lots of history, staff of 18 and they tend to be more diverse in age backgrounds. If you do apply before they post their Profile on our site, we'd be grateful if you mentioned that you learned about them here. :-)

Also, we generally have some FL employers post at some point during the summer for their upcoming winter seasons as well. 

And we're getting new employers posting all the time so you just never know what's going to show up!  Hope that helps!

I have known lots of people that have lived in the south and or are from the south that hated the snow and everything about it but then they went and worked at a ski resort for the first time and they have never left. You can always get inside jobs where you don't have to deal with the snow but working at a ski resort can change your life forever in a great way if you let it. As in warmer climate resorts? I would say anything in Texas or Florida. I have noticed that a few places in Florida like to post things in the winter or just look up winter jobs in FL on the internet and just apply outside of cool works. Death Valley I have heard is pretty good gig in the winter.

I am pretty biased, I have worked at 6 different ski resorts in the last 7 straight winters and I love the atmosphere but I was born and raised in the snow but I hear what you are saying, snow isn't for everyone, but it sure is fun to ski on :)

thanks jason. can i ask out of the different ski resorts you worked out which ones would you recommend, as far as living situation, pay, management?

That is a really hard question because I really enjoyed working at all of them but where I am at currently pays the best and is a very cool place to work. Its the Yellowstone Club and they cater to the rich and famous. The managers are great and very easy to work for and with.. Big Sky is pretty cool as well but the pay isn't always the best or moving up is not that easy. Big Sky housing is not very good but if you are just there to ski and go out and socialize and just sleeping in the dorms then its okay.

thanks jason


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