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Places I'm thinking of moving onto next-Mt Rainier, Olympic NP, pretty much anywhere in colorado, and also Seqouia/Kings Canyon/Yosemite. If anyone out there has worked at any of these or knows much about them, could you give me your general impression? Thanks:)

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I would not work at Mt Rainier.The company just doen't seen to care about the place as it may seem.You should work at Olympia instead then visit Mt Rainier. I am working there this summer ( Rainier) the living dorms are horrible 3-4 to a room in most dorms.Wifi is crap.The edr food here is below average.I can tell you that I won't be working at MT Rainier ever again.Any questions about them just ask.
Southwest Colorado seems OK pricewise ... probably not as high as the ski resort areas.  Really like working at Mesa Verde for the Park Service ... doubt I would enjoy working for Aramark .... housing is substandard, and no EDR available.

Thanks for the info! I appreciate it:)


I was at Mt. Rainier in 2010, yet I don't judge them as harshly as some might.  Guest Services has the current contract, through 2012, and they seemed to struggle with the same issues most seasonal employers have - and they don't handle them any better or any worse than the others I've worked with.  I worked at the Paradise location, where they operate the Paradise Inn and the gift shop and deli inside the Jackson Visitor Center.  Most women lived in the Guide House dorm, which was newly renovated in 2008, and therefore quite nice. Most rooms are for 2 only, and the rooms are small, with bathrooms down the hall.  But there are hiking trails right out the back door - once the snow melts!  Wifi worked great for email and browsing, it was not meant for streaming music or video or webcam chats. Yes, the EDR food was terrible, but between the hours of 7am-9pmish, it was always open - you could get fruit, cereal, cold cuts, tuna salad, salad, bread, soda, etc.  Employees of the visitor center could take a shift meal at the deli there. Parking was never a problem for me, though I hated walking 1/2 a mile in the dark, from the lower lot to the dorm after a long shopping spree in Puyallup. Just remember that different folks can have different experiences, and keep an eye on Mt. Rainier - in 2010, rumor had it that Guest Services was not necessarily going to renew their contract, so who knows what the future may bring?  :)
Now that was a very helpful reply!! Thank you so much for the input. I was thinking about going to Mt. Ranier next year as my niece is now stationed in Seattle in the Coast Guard so I thought it might be fun to be close to her. And you're right about "different folks....." everyone has an opinion, likes and dislikes. It's when you get a Lot of the same opinions of the same place that you need to watch out,  thanks again!

I worked at Mt Rainier in 2011 and agree with what you say - In the Paradise Inn they had a lot of terrible bosses, but I was in the Visitor Center cafe, and the managers there were the BEST. If Shirley and Mary are running it again this year, you'll be working for good people! =) This was my first seasonal job so I don't really have anything to compare it to - the EDR food was pretty terrible but again, in the visitor center cafe you can just eat their food... Wifi was sketchy at first and slow at times, but overall worked fine. 

Guest Services was not the greatest boss, but I'm easygoing so wasn't upset like other people. =) And I had it good at the cafe. 

Great hiking, make sure to go to Camp Muir (while there's snow, so you can go glissading!) 


I am not familiar with the Washington and California locations you mentioned but I can speak for Colorado. Some oh so hip resorts there, chief among them maybe Telluride. I also like Jackson WY a lot. You would be wise to get your job lined up ahead of time. Winter is second-season in Jackson but the good news is that housing is unbelievably cheap and plentiful. Telluride has Big Bertha's low-cost single housing with free transportation and a good starting job is gondola operator on their free system linking the old town and the mountain village. Transportation in Jackson is free also and anything you can do on the mountain makes it its own world.

A good first job in Colorado is Copper Mountain. They have a nice employee housing building and it is a manageable size. Free transporation links it to Breckenridge and Keystone. Other top-tier resorts are Aspen - get your housing before you go - and Glacier National Park as well as Grand Teton National Park.


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