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I worked at Coldfoot this summer from the middle of May to the end of August. I kept a little blog about my experiences in northern Alaska. While this was my first experience in seasonal employment, I hope that my writings will help you learn more about working in this region of Alaska.

You can find my blog at:

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I cant believe anyone has not posted on this yet. That is a great blog you have there man! Could not get enough of your adventures so I have found myself applying for the Coldfoot camp. Thanks for sharing your story!
This is great! Your blog really made me want to go work there! Great pics, great details about what all the different aspects are like. As a woman, though, I wonder if the hostel thing on weekends and whatnot is possible, without getting assaulted. Other than that, I'd so go do it!
Kate, the hostel in Fairbanks is a very friendly environment. The owners are top notch and I can't imagine that you would have a problem.
awesome blog, started reading and got hooked. Great pictures too.
I have an interview lined up as well in the next few days!
I have other plans (business/school related) for the summer but I wish I was going back! How did the interview go?
Certainly is! Good luck
Just curious what positions did you apply for?
Wow, thanks for your kind words, everyone! Good luck with the interview process. Just a helpful hint, sometimes they aren't very good about keeping you updated on the status of your application. If a lot of time passes, be persistent with calling! They never called my friend that I went with so after I was hired, I called them and made sure they weren't overlooking his application.
Now not to get to in depth of details, but how was saving money. With the free food and living, were you able to save money since there was not much commercial activity around? I know you went to Fairbanks a few times and a few surrounding towns. Did it hurt the wallet any?

Thanks for the info, just seeing how financially beneficial it could be. Im not gonna lie I like to save money but at the same time I can spend it. So I need a job where I wont spend much haha. So I figure since there is no commercial activity around, no problem. Someone told me other wise and I would not save any because prices were so high compared to other states
Well things are very expensive in Alaska but if you are smart about your money, even going into Fairbanks is affordable. The flight or drive into Fairbanks is free but not always available. A night at the hostel is under $30. Food can be expensive but there are grocery stores if you don't want to eat out.

Every meal at Coldfoot is free and the food is very good! The company takes care of you and if you don't have the need to buy booze or eat pizza (no delivery to Coldfoot!!), there isn't much need of going into Fairbanks.
Great job on the blog.


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