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why take advice from those who haven't been to either place but know people who have....I'm a current employee who lives in Jackson and works at Flagg Ranch (arizona office and wyoming resort) I also know several people who work at both Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks....those who "cry wolf" about Flagg and Yellowstone jobs being a horrible experience generally have been fired or are working their first job ever, i mean lets face it if you really hated your job so much why would you stay.....i work close with the owner and head of of the replies in this forum suggests the owner is insane and the BBB should be brought in...the person in question is the former general manager was there from 2004-2009, the owner was not on site at that time and i hope that clears up any confusion with in the area and having worked at several other resorts i can tell you that Flagg has the best employee housing and the employee food is the same that is served in the restaurant (something the owner put into place this past summer).....this coming 2011 summer season we have about 25-30 employees returning so it can't be all that bad....the bottom line is no job is perfect and yes there are going to be times when it doesn't work out all i can say is that my experience at Flagg has been nothing short of satisfying and enjoyable....the reason most come to the area for summer work is to experience Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks work almost becomes secondary....the experience of working anywhere is what "you" make of it

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Hello Thom, I met you when bob flew me out to interview this season. you seem a little bit bitter about something.... no one here is downing flagg ranch or the companies work ethics. we are simple discussing facts. My first day At flagg ranch was Dec 5th 1995, i worked there for 5 strait years until the Owner died I also worked summers in 2001, 2003, and 2005. After the owner passed away his kids husbands took over. Anthony only had one son and two daughters that i know of. its is widely known that after he passed away the ranch changed for the worse and has not recovered since. which is way any feedback is necessary good or bad in order to make a change. If you work closely with bob and mike i would tell them to deal with the main complaints first then be proactive in the future as opposed to only reactive when the virtual poop hits the fan. As a professional i would assume you understand this basic management process. Considering all of this; the main problem is the contract has been up for 2 years now and no one wants to bid on the property due to the negative experiences created there, the lack of consistency in the restaurants food and service and the large amounts of PI involved in the purchase. those are all legitimate facts. who would want to get paid a dollar less and work and extra day just for nice housing and employee food. If you work all the time the housing is not needed and I know for a fact that the food is not that great and ordered from the cheapest Sisco food menu. you would have to me insane yourself or afraid of the drug test not to work up the street in any direction away from flagg ranch. its a shame really because i love flagg rannch and consider it my second home. watching the gypsies in the palace breaks my heart on a daily basis, and the fact that no one has even bid on the place for two years hurts even worse. I hope flagg ranch survives this negative blow below the belt!


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