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I just wanted to get some info on what to expect this summer. I am flying in to Bozeman on May the 4th

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this is a great site for dorm photos and property maps.

unfortunately, no oe has posted pics of the interiors of the dorm rooms   they really all vary, so hopefully someone who has stayed at Lake has some pics to share.

Generally, 2 twin beds, some sort of drawers and closet (loose term) rare occasions have a private bath, usually only "couples" rooms, otherwise 2 rooms (4 people) share a bath inbetween, or there is a communal bathroom (I think much better in that you always have availability) in which case, a waterproof type container for your bath supplies is a bonus.

Oh, and don't think you won't be working more than 40 hrs a week!!!  people quit, they get shorthanded and guess who gets scheduled????  YOU!!!

however, since that restaurant is only open at night, there is a limit on how many hours you could actually work.....One of the busiest restaurants in Yellowstone next to the OF dining room.

Cool, I like to stay busy and always willing to work extra hours, I've been a sous chef for the last few years and don't mind hard work, it will just be nice not having to worry about scheduling and food costs. Can they call you in on your day off?? That's what's been killing me, I never get a day off!! Thank you so much for helping me get an idea of what its like, any more insight will be greatly appreciated!!!

I got schedlued to work 8 days in a row and I wasn't happy about it.  this was at the end of the season and they were short handed.  But they don't like paying overtime.  they figure some way to finagle it so it spreads over 2week periods so the overtime is at a minimum.

Your cell phone makes a great alarm clock, as long as it's charged and on......1 less thing to pack.

extra batteries - expensive at the general store....there are some "comfort items" you won't know you need until you get there.

Oh!!!  extension cord, andor one of those mulitple outlet things.  We found alot of rooms only had 1 outlet, and it was difficult to plug in phones, computers, lights, etc.

if you're a reader (and you might become one without TV) some sort of clip on light for your bed.....Lots of books available from previous employees.  Every dorm and the rec room has a library so check them ALL out!!

really helpful, j-thanks!


I worked at lake hotel last semester as pantry lead. Lake is open for breakfast lunch and dinner. You can be put on morning shift night shift or prep. If your put onto line you will have some prep but not a lot. There could be some weeks where you get over 40 hours but don't count on it. The "time police" managers will let you know when your getting close then kick you out of the kitchen!
Thank you! I look forward to working at the lake! What's the deal with background check, I have small misdemeanor stuff, nothing big I just don't wanna get up there and turned away!!

He said he was working Fine Dining.  I was thinking that room was only open in the evenings, becuase thats what we took reservations for.  My Bad, I was mistaken.  Well Ashton, if you've been a sous chef, then you know what a cook 3 is.......I'm surprised they didn't scoop you up.  But hang in there.  If you are qualified they will move you up.  And hey, you might deide to do something else in F&B that gives you more time for fun!!!


No, never did the corporate gig, and didn't go to culinary school, worked my way up over the years. Only time I worked corporate was Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for a year and hated the lack of freedom and creativity in the menu. That's the only thing that scares me, I come from kitchens where the menu changes every night depending on what's in season and what I can get local, this will be a big change!!
They can call you in on your day off if your not close to hours or if the approve overtime..usually they will try to get a cook 2 first. Ill try to find some pictures of the dorms to post.
That might be new this year as far as I know they didn't do a background check for me last year.we had to bring a letter of recommendation
Yea, I sent a letter of recommendation when I sent my contract back. Where you employed through Xanterra?


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