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I just wanted to get some info on what to expect this summer. I am flying in to Bozeman on May the 4th

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Yep all the people working in the hotels are with Xanterra. Then there is DNC which are the general stores. Park services and medcor are all in the park.
You going back this year?? How did you like it?
I loved it out there! It was alot of fun and peaceful. Nope I won't be going back this summer. I have a 2 month old to take care of.
Good deal, that's what I like to hear! Any suggestions on moving up and keeping management happy? The two month old, boy or girl and congratulations!!

show up on time, not hung over, don't smoke pot in your room, comb your hair, take a bath'd be surprised what some people will try to get away with........


Work hard don't complain there is always chances to move up they had a wall for if jobs came up that you can apply for. Thank you little boy name Eric product of Yellowstone lol
Cool, that sounds good!! That's pretty cool creating a human life in one of the most beautiful places in the world!! Any ideas on what I should pack, I'm flying in.
Lol yea now it is ...clothes for different seasons. Shoes, bath gear, camera, bedding, outdoor gear, computer, entertainment like cards...I brought way to much stuff with me but I drove out there.
How is the internet connection, is there any cell service?
There is free washer and dryers so you will need to pick up some laundry soap

Laundry soap.....there are dispensers, if you don't mind paying the extra for it.

Hey!!!  I was shocked when I learned that even the Kitchen staff have to wash their own uniforms!!!!  (gross)  So, be prepared for that!!!!

If you could hook up with someone who is driving in, who could pick you up at the airport that would be GREAT!!!  stop and pick up supplies before going in.  Otherwise, you'll jut have to wait until you can get out to the store in West Yellowstone (2 1/2 hrs)  or Bozeman (4 hrs) or Cody? maybe closer to Lake!!!

No cell service you will have to climb elephant back or get a ride to the other side of lake. There is a pay phone, internet is like dial up can get on and check emails not good for watching shows
.it got better in the end of summer when they charged $20 a month. There is a computer in the lounge you can use but there might be a wait.


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