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I just wanted to get some info on what to expect this summer. I am flying in to Bozeman on May the 4th

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feel free to save the pic, open in paint, and place text box over where stuff is located. Then resave it then repost it if u could please.

sorry if some are hard to read i couldnt get back into the text box to change color

I just looked at the area map for lake hotel, looks very speed out, I will be flying I'm so no vehicle, I assume eveyrhing is with in walking distance, edr, employee pub, and general store. Just wondering.
Yes everything is within walk distance ...the buildings in the left part are the clinic and there staff housing. The yellow building is the hotel than you have cabins next to them. Across the street is employee housing. Then if you go around the curve lake lodge, cabins and the employee pub are that way. By the curve in the lake near the hotel is the general store. Hope that helps a bit.
Very outdated map
Yes that helps a lot, just wanted to make sure I could walk everywhere and see all of the lake property without a car. Thank you!!

Hey! I'm going to be a hostess there. Anyone know anything about the dining room? 

This will be my first season, I don't know too much but from what everyone has said it should be a lot of fun, very busy from what I hear. When do you start?

Yay! Mine too. I fly out to Bozeman the 14th of May and start the next day. What about you?

I fly up Friday and start Saturday May the 5th! It should be a lot of fun this summer!!

So I've been looking at some pics of the dorms and what not at the Lake location. Since I'll be doing security, does anyone know what dorm they usually stay in? Also Whats the best dorm, you know the least run down, decent size and just a good dorm?

I think they try to put security in all different dorms mostly goldeneye because its the quieter of all dorms. All the dorms at lake are in about the same condition ...some of the rooms might be worse than others depending on who has been in there. They are all the same size I'm not sure about lake lodge dorms but all of hotels are.


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