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I just applied with Xanterra!

Wish me luck =)

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LOL.. whats wrong with it? Please tell me, because I will be leaving a good job working for a Hilton family property.
Greg, I am new to the seasonal work "lifestyle" but my impression is that a lot of people emphasize where they work rather than who they work for. Most everyone realizes that some employers can be duds, making for a summer that is just tolerable. A lot of time this depends on your immediate supervisor and whether he/she treats you with respect and makes the work "fun". I plan on learning as I go, and just trying not to repeat mistakes when I happen to pick a bad situation. If you get an offer from Xanterra, and it is someplace you want to go....I say go for it and gain the experience. There seems to be plenty of people on this web site that have worked for Xanterra and had an acceptable summer experience.
Good Luck!
I agree with Aggie71 and I am working for Xanterra @ Old Faithful. It is already getting very busy here and the holidays haven't even started yet. Some employers are terrible and I have personal experience of that in the past, but just as important is your attitude going into the job.
So far I am working with some very cool people (including those I met on this website prior to work) and with the expected volume I will make $$$ as a server. The trade-off is that I will be often tired; I will have to accept that and not complain that Xanterra is horrible because of it. I went into this job knowing what was up and accepted it; Now it is time to "man-up" and do what I signed on to I just choose to do it in an awesome location... Good luck with the application.
My advice is to find a good place with a small staff size, so that everything is a bit more personal and in view. Also, I would first choose a location that you would love to be and apply with that location regardless of the company that runs it. Dont just apply with Xanterra for the sake of getting a Xanterra job. Good luck man.
Well of course I picked the location(s)..but I just put I applied to Xanterra to make it short. LOL
Xanterra is fine. There are people out there who complain just for the sake of complaining although there complaints can be so unfounded its funny. Just remember to do your job, follow the rules and have fun. Good Luck.
Good luck man, I got hired on at Xanterra for the first time this summer working at the Old Faithful Inn as a line cook. i really enjoy the job and most everyone i work with. I'm sure you will enjoy yourself as long as you dont do anything dumb, keep in mind it is federal property, and even this slightest misdomeanor could result in termination and/or imprisonment. I hope you enjoy your summer and better yet, make the best of what you are doing and WHERE you are doing it. :-)
I've worked for Xanterra for quite a few seasons now. And those guys are right. It's a few unhappy people who complain loudest.

Xanterra is just about the same kind of company you would find anywhere. They have good and bad mixed together. You will make it your own experience...good or bad. Choose the job you want in the place you want to be. Then just work your job as best you can, take all the advantages of being in a National Park (there are lots of things to do and chances to get out and see the park) and don't do anything stupid because you are on Federal land with federal law enforcement. duh.

There are so many cool people to meet who come from all over the planet. So much wildlife and mountains and amazing thermal stuff to discover! The experience is there...all they ask you for is your best job possible while you're on duty in trade.

Have a fun summer...I hope you get to go!

YNP Gal.


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