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Xanterra/DNC Yellowstone Lake Location 2012 season

Is anyone working at the Lake Location this summer? If so which position and when do you start?

Just would like to see who all is coming there.

Any information that you've heard about this place or/and xanterra, good or bad I would like to hear about it. I know each person has there own opion but I still would like to hear it.

 I'm gonna be going to Lake Location and make the best of it reguardless of what i've heard. Just make the best of it. 

Hope to hear from some of you soon.

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Hello, my name is Adrien and I'll be working as a room attendant at Lake hotel this summer.  This will be my first time in Yellowstone I''m hoping to make many new friends and to have a great season.  Any advice on what to pack or what to expect would be greatly appreciated.

lake has a fun frisbee golf course. it's a little "rustic" but fun. It's just up the hill from the dorms. watch for the critters (some of them are bigger that you) while throwing tho. The employee pub there is great, I miss the calzones.

I know just about everyone ends up in the lake at one time or another, I don't advise it tho....BBBBRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDR Lake Lodge Manager- Carol


hope you enjoy it

carol do u check in may 1st for lake lodge,i think they open for visiters on the 11th like o.f.imma visit lake this season.

Lake Lodge is about a month later than Lake Hotel. I start June first, go until Oct2, Lake Lodge is across the street from hotel, its a closed EDR, meaning you have to work that location or you can eat at Hotel, which is an open EDR...


I know the edr manager at Hotel, we worked together in 2009....he's a good cook, too

see you all there!

Carol, who's managing hotels EDR? is it Mikey?

Matt Luepkus

I don't know if I remember Matt.

you met him when we ate lunch together, that tall quiet dude

carol if u see matt out at lake this summer,tell him flo said hello.i last seen matt luepkus was win we were leaving lake in 2010,i went to bozeman.i got a photo of matt when the hotel at lake was closing,very nice nice.

I hope so. I've had some crappy EDR's before. When do you start Carol?

lake is the best! i worked at fishing bridge last year and everyone from there always went over to lakeee. the pub is fantastic. they have these cheesy pretzels and this sauce that comes with it...i believe it has been appropriately named 'crack sauce'. haha. 

i worked for DNC and i recall that Xanterra had a party at the rec hall, a costume party mind you, and about six or seven of us from dnc crashed it. it was awesome. we just wanted to dance hahah. 


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