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Applied for security at Yellowstone with Xanterra and got called for an interview and was asked to look at the different locations. Been reading up on them and havent heard very many flattering reviews about them but many were dated and was wondering who had up to date info. Best place to work there? Best dorms? Anybody working there this season? etc.





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Thanks for the info tri you've been beyond helpfull.
Hey Alex,  Looking around for some photos and I stumbled on this one.  It's one of the cabins where they  usually put security, thought you would get a kick out of it.
Wish i could shake your hand man. How far away do you think this was from the dorms?
Not far maybe 300 or 400 feet through the woods to the left.  The security office is right next to this cabin and the Registration bldg is about the same distance in the opposite direction.  It's a very centrally located area.
I live in Obsidian which isent too bad, the furniture is good but the carpet could use some help.  We have an awesome RC.
I however no longer work for xenterra, the company isent the bad part its the jr management in some of the areas that could use some personal skills.  I took a job in the HR department at a casino in Vegas.
If you like laid back, no boss in the face alll the time Rosevelt is awsome. the housing sux but it is a very small location and everyone learns to get along very quick. DONT LET THEM PUT YOU AT MAMMOTH>>JUST DONT! security has a $#!TTY job there. I shared one of the suites with 2 of the a couple years ago, they never got any peace and quiet. Lakes very cool too. ya just drive a van around all the time, do a little paper work, take the beer from the kiddies. good luck with security. don't let them put you into the position of "undercover snitch" it will ruin your season as it did a few before you. I've been around ystone 5 times now. I actualy quit my real job the other day and am heading north as i write this. good luck..Ken

Hey Alex just curious how you made out and where you will be living.  It seems everyone is starting to arrive at Grant Village and they have recieved their first few bus loads of guests.  Hope the start to the season is going ok and you are settling in.  Say hi to the Bell Captain for me.  Have a good season.  



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