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Applied for security at Yellowstone with Xanterra and got called for an interview and was asked to look at the different locations. Been reading up on them and havent heard very many flattering reviews about them but many were dated and was wondering who had up to date info. Best place to work there? Best dorms? Anybody working there this season? etc.





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best dorms-grant but dont spend your time in the room

best location in my opinion is canyon  close second is lake

old faithful is the busiest


Any word on the bad rumors? Seems like it could be a really cool job but dont want to work for someplace thats gonna turn my summer into hell
Well I'm headed to Canyon to be a security guard I'm hoping for the best.
I've heard some horrible things to -Forbes top 3 worst company to work for - and terrible staff meal plans!  But I can't tell I'd this is because people are new to the conditions inherent with seasonal jobs and customer service or if the company really is crap. Guess I'll find out, I start in June. Let me know if u hear anything else!
Sorry about all the typos I'm on my cell :)
its ok. Where you working?
it is all in what u make it:)) just remember your there to work first play second... u will run into people u dont like at all but u will also find some of the best friends for life there also... just keep your head down , dont party till u puke lol and do your job :))  have fun
Yep ur right.......I've had good jobs and bad jobs and it all boils down to my attitude...I'm gonna be the best employee I can-- enjoy the most  beautiful national park--in the world and meet lots of cool people from all over he world...and if I didnt have that attitude I wouldnt entertain the thought of going..andI wish the best for all of you--

I worked at Canyon last summer and had no problems with Xanterra.  Don't expect much from the dorm rooms, they are small and kind of run down.  Just a place to sleep and change clothes.  Spend your free time enjoying the park.  Most of the employees that got fired was for the abuse of alcohol and drugs and the resulting behavior afterwards. The rules are made clear during the first few days.  Nobody that I know of was unjustly terminated, they broke the rules and got caught.  I commend Xanterra for being swift and fair in removing an employee that is difficult to work and live with.

"Be nice to each other, be nice to the guest, be nice to the park".  I think that's the phrase they used.

Have fun!  Yellowstone is a magical place.

Any idea where the nicer dorms are in yellowstone?
Larkspur dorm at Old Faithful is pretty nice. However I hadn't seen the living conditions at the other locations.

I like Lake, Roosevelt, and Canyon.

Lake is flat hiking with Elk everywhere. Fishing and boating give Lake extra bonuses. Remote hiking across the lake.

Roosevelt has horseback-riding and a lot of mountainous areas. Beautiful area and excellent hiking. Small property.

Canyon is close to 10,000 Washburn and close to lake. My first seasonal job was here. Lots of Buffalo...


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