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Applied for security at Yellowstone with Xanterra and got called for an interview and was asked to look at the different locations. Been reading up on them and havent heard very many flattering reviews about them but many were dated and was wondering who had up to date info. Best place to work there? Best dorms? Anybody working there this season? etc.





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Had my interview today, think it went well, might have said um to many times though.... but heres hoping!! If i get hired ill probably work in Grant. Anybody now anything about it?
My cousin and I will be starting in June! We don't know where we are working yet though.

I worked at Grant several years ago and I enjoyed it. Grayling Dorm is nice but it is three to a room and those three people have to share a bathroom with the room next to them. The cabins are old but I actually preferred them to the dorm because there was only two to a room and you had your own bathroom.


Grant is not as busy as Old Faithful or Mammoth so it is a little quieter than other places. It is also right on Yellowstone Lake however don't try to swim in it since the water is basically ice melt. I have seen people go in there in August and come running out.

Anybody know what the employee dorms are like for the Old Faithful Inn employees?

Last year, I stayed in a very nice dorm directly above the Old Faithful Upper General Store.

Do you know which dorm you're staying in?  Some are quite old, and some are fairly new.

made a group for people workin in grant so we can get to know another better

Thanks for your response Jason. And i did take the job. I'll be working security at grant village in Yellowstone. I figured to hell with the other people and there bad attitudes, i know this is gonna be one of those jobs that im not going to forget. maybe ill see you this summer and thanks for the advice.

Just have some questions if anybody can answer.

1.       How’s the cell service at Grant village? Who’s the cell service provider?

2.       Do you have any photos of the dorm rooms or a layout? (figuring out what to bring)

3.       Are we allowed to bring a mini fridge(what size), microwave?

4.       Is getting a temporary PO Box a good idea?

5.       Closest convenience store/supermarket?

6.       Dose Grant Village have a basketball court?

7.       Do bikes come in handy?

8.       Anything in your experience that would come in handy?


I will try to answer some of your questions:


1. Don't know because I worked there in 97' before most people had cell phones.

2. I do know that someone posted photos of Grayling Dorm on this site about a year ago. I believe it was Brenda so she might have some photos.

3. I believe a mini fridge is okay but I am not sure about a microwave. Hot Plates are are not allowed.

4. I had a P.O. Box for the summer and believe it is a good idea.

5. The closest supermarket is in Jackson, Wyoming. There is a store at Grant where you can buy food but it is very exspensive.

6. There was a basketball court and an area to play volleyball.

7. Bikes do come in handy to get around Grant but it is just as easy to walk.

8. Two things that will get you fired on the spot is underage drinking and fighting although you are allowed to defend yourself. When I worked at Denali a guy was at a bar with his wife and got drunk and shoved his wife down. A chef who happened to be at the bar beat the crap out of the husband. Both were fired even though the husband had a beating coming to him. Defending yourself does not include beating the crap out of someone. 

As of a year ago cell service was Alltel, but many other providers worked. Signal was generally good. My verizon phone did not roam but there was no digital service such as sending pics.  Internet there is garbage, but should be fine for light use. I prefered the bike to get around.  If you are going to be security I believe you will live in a small cabin complex away from the dorms near maintenance, but I am not quite sure.  They have decent storage.  The cabins by the dorms are pretty spartan with low storage, but some people enjoy them.   If they do put you in grayling dorm try to get in the basement area of the new section they are pretty nice and have only two beds with plenty of storage.  Bring a power strip if you have a lot of things to plug in, although I am not sure of their policy on them.  I don't see a problem with a fridge or microwave but space may be limited for them.  there is a microwave in the dorm lobby(atleast I think it's still there), it might have been removed due to people setting off the alarm with burning popcorn.  As for my opinion on bike I posted somewhere on here about bikes in the park.  Grant is spread out and a bike may be quite handy.  often there are abandoned bikes that you can commendere;-)  A whole lot of patience will come in very handy for your position;-)  I know a few people returning to grant this year who have been there for years, Let me know and I can pass on some more questions.  I also believe the assist. gm is a really nice guy or maybe he's the GM this year, anyway he's a good guy. Here's an answer to number two. Grayling basement room.

grayling basement beds.

Cabin Near Dormssink and Bathroom Cabins near the dorms.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the cabins near the maintenance dept.

Pretty much what i expected hope i dont get those beds in the walls. Im 6'6 and that looks like a hell of a tight fit for me.

 You were really helpful thanks.

Hey alex, spoke to a former Grant Village Security guy the other day.  he said they will TRY to get you into a cabin by yourself and most likely you will be in the cabins I mentioned(not the one pictured).  The cabins by the maintenance area should have good storage and standard beds, I stayed in one of them post season and it was quite roomy.  Enjoy Grant there will be some good people working there.


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