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Well, the season is just barely getting started for most. But i'd like to put in my 2 cents about working for Xanterra @ Old Faithful in Yellowstone. WORST COMPANY EVER. For all those people who had given it a bad review, you're right on. I'd thought I'd give it a try because all experiences are different for everyone, but they truly live up to their Xanterrible name. Among all the horrible management issues they have and other things I don't even want to get into right now, my biggest issue with them was that they went on to over hire an absurd amount of people. Because of this, the rest of us had to pay the price and people started getting 3 and even 4 days off a week. Not to mention our hours got cut during the days we worked b/c we had too many people and they always rushed us out. After this started happening, people started quitting, however, they kept hiring! No one can live on 3 days of work. I have never, ever, seen this kind of stupidity in the 3 years that I've been doing seasonal work. Glad I'm outta that s**t hole, and will NEVER look back.

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I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I have faith you will find another seasonal job you like. Stay positive ok? Don't let one bad experience ruin your outlook on seasonal work. Trust me, I am dealing with a negative experience myself. have a great summer Lilo!!!
That does sound pretty bad.
Lilo that does sound terrible. I didn't see that situation last year with Xanterra (i.e. over hiring) over in the Lake area (at least no one mentioned that issue to me - I worked for DNC but knew a lot of Xanterra employees). It does sound like they could do a much better job picking effective managers! And I believe their contract is up this year, so maybe someone else (read someone better) will get the contract in 2011.
I have never worked for Xanterra however, I have worked for companies that will over hire at the beginning of the tourist season. A manager who interviewed me for a job a few years ago even told me that they "over kill" and then decide who they are going to keep. Some people working in Yellowstone this year told me that every body that Xanterra hired this year showed up which is unusual and that is why they have more employees than they need and are offering to pay people to end their contracts? On the other hand, Tom in Human Resources at Delaware North in Yellowstone, told me that DNC does not over hire employees. So I went to work for DNC in Yellowstone and found out that Tom is telling the truth. Some of the people that DNC hired did not even show up while several othe remployees have already quit. I do know that at this present time that Upper Old Faithful General Store is short staffed.
As long as the guests are having a good time... :)
If they would quit bringing in a bunch of the foreign kids it would help. I know every year they have to do early outs because they always over hire. I am lucky in that, working as a night gsa, I am pretty much guaranteed 40 hours.
It seems like the internationals are better employees than many of the Americans. A lot of the Americans Xanterra hires are screw ups in life...Xanterra does hire quality Americans too...For the record, I never saw one international fired when I worked one season with Xanterra.
I tried to fire one once. he repeatedly did "no shows". I wasn't allowed to even write him up because he was an international employee. realy fair huh? spring 05 old faithful snowlodge edr
lol sounds typical
last year we had an internatioal got fired cause he and an no show at work cause he went our drinking the night before and got drunk he was our supervisor so i told one of his friends to go get him he still didnt come to work so i got the manager which one her day off to go wake him up two hrs later he was fired so they can get fired
u have have some that or lazy some will work there but off on top that they work 2 jobs i'm working with one we just cant get him to work fast we have to push him the other internatiol that work with us cant stand working with him cause he slow he made an comment that this job isnt important to him as his second job
yeah but they usually have to do a lot more to get fired than an american does.


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