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Any one have any comments on a good place to live in side Yellowstone for the summer job??? Just looking for any favorites or suggestions on this and all is welcome. Hope every one is off to a grate year and looking forward to the new adventures to come as well as the new friends.
Hope to hear form some of you take care to all. :-)

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If you are working for Xanterra, I think Old Faithful is the place to be......but it does depend on if you like lots of crowds...and geysers. I loved the geysers and having lots of new people to meet. The scuttlebutt I heard from people who had worked at Canyon was the dorms there were REALLY old and decrepit.... there are older dorms at Old Faithful, too....if you're under 21 you'll probably be living in one of the older dorms that have down-the-hall bathrooms and multiple roommates (sometimes up to 3 people in a room) If you're Older And Bolder you may get lucky enough to get assigned to the quietest dorm. If you're somewhere in the middle, who knows. Sometimes it all comes down to when your work contract starts (if you start early enough you tend to get luckier. If you start mid-season you'll get assigned wherever they've got room. Grant Village has some of the nicer dorm rooms but then it is a tinier and quieter location. I have not been in the dorms at Lake, and all I know of Roosevelt is the employees there all live in cabins. (Roosevelt is the tiniest location with the shortest season). At Mammoth, the older dorms are antique, to say the least. Again with down-the-hall bathrooms....I know there are newer dorms that have private bathrooms... Hopefully, though, you won't be spending a lot of time in your room, I didn't. Get out and explore the park! :) Hope this helps.
you would get along with lake employees i think. they have the highest returning employee rate, plus there are 5 locations at lake, with 3 of them being run by xanterra. you have the fishing bridge which was run by delaware north while i was there, then the marina, lake hotel, and the lodge. then the whole park service thingie near the trailer parks is cool too. if you want money, the hotel is where you want to be, if you want to be outside, the marina is where it's at, if you want to have a "down home" feel, then the fishing bridge is for you, and the lodge is a little bit of everything, not to mention it is within sight of the hotel. then the trailer park obviously has a gov't worker feel to it since that is what it mostly is, but the parties there can get loud and crazy. i only worked at the hotel. we made awesome money as servers, but i also worked the gift shop, warehouse, and porter. i had the most fun as a server. our gang was always very close, and i still live in the same town and hang out with the same people i started working with in 2002. i honestly have found lake employees to be more content than employees at other locations. maybe it is just the lake itself? who knows.
All places are great. It depends on how long you can stay. Some places are open longer then others. If I had short dates I would love to live at Roosevelt. I have also lived at Lake and Old Faithful. Both places have their special qualities. Old Faithful is the largest location and you get to hike the geyser basin and hang out in the Old Faithful Inn. Lake is more low key as far as tourist and of course is beautiful. I am going to try and post some photos from employee residents.
No b.s? Just choose your company because you will have every type of person under the sun hang out there. Try hiking, photography, rafting, etc. Stay out of the drama's that go on and it will be all good... The dorms are just for sleeping anyway. There is too much beauty in the park to miss it... :0)
I worked @ Canyon. It was o.k., but it really depended on a person's attitude. Some were very negative, so they never gave it a chance. Some took full advantage and loved it. I have worked for better people, but I've also worked for much worse who bluntly lied to their employees. Yellowstone, on the other hand, just wants you to do your job as most employers do. I won't say Canyon wasn't on the wild side, but the key is to choose who you hang out with... I hope this helps. :0)
I just posted some photos I took of the employee areas in Yellowstone.
I lived at Grant Village and I enjoyed it. It is right on Yellowstone Lake and is quiet although you will have your people who like to party but that is everywhere. If there was one downside it is that you have to walk a ways to get to the employee dining room but it isn't that far.
i personally liked lake location the best. i worked at mammoth as well, and have friends from all locations. it's all about you honestly. lake, to me, is the most chill place, with good opportunity to make money (crowds). the lake itself is beautiful, and the hiking is awesome around it. some of my favorite trails are around lake. it's central location also worked for me, because i loved going to cody and jackson on weekends. i was never a fan of gardiner or west yellowstone. i would always have a blast in cody, going to the rodeo, then walking around walmart and realizing i forgot how to act in public after being in yellowstone for so long, and then hitting up the bars. jackson is similar. some of my fondest memories in my life are climbing grand teton with a few friends in one day, then being so tired and sore it literally hurt to sit down, and we would end up in teton thai off the boardwalk, and gettin ready for a really late night drive back to lake location. great memories. the beach at lake is also great. you can kayak to an isolated spot or take a boat from the marina with a few friends, get some blankets and binoculars and make a whole day of it. if you want to get away, it is very easy around lake. not so much around old faithful unless you like bushwhacking through swamps and thick brush filled with mosquitoes. canyon would be number two to me. i just like the area and the hikes around it. Roosevelt is cool, but too small for me. the people there are always very tight and stay friends after the season is over. old faithful would come in number 4 for me, almost entirely due to the crowds. i hate crowds, but hey, that is what tourism is all about. good money there, and cool things to see like the geysers of course, but the hikes in the southwest area are EXTREMELY buggy until about beginning of july, and sometimes into august (2009 was predicted to be a wet and mild year by the farmer's almanac so expect bugs all summer). grant and mammoth are at the bottom of my list. mostly because they seem neglected by xanterra and the park service. i am talking about 2005 and earlier, so things might have changed since then. i have seen the new prison (is that what it is?) they are building in mammoth. such a shame... i heard it cost 20 million to build? imagine the trails we could have had instead of that. and grant seems like a throwback to the mid 70's. i think it needs to be revamped and maybe some cool hikes could be developed around there. heart lake and mt sheridan would be my favorite hike around grant. anyways i hope this all helps. let us know what you want out of your summer job and we can help you more. it really is all about the person.
My only gripe with lake is that the lake employees I know tend to have a big head about their location, thinking it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I personally feel that if you want serious comraderie then you need to be at old faithful or canyon ( canyon was my first location years ago, and now I mostly spend my time at old faithful). And lake has no cell reception as of yet, but that may change. The old faithful area has some serious park veterans, those of us who reside there in the winter and spring as well. So I am indeed N old faithful addict, and unfortunately not the biggest fan of lake area, even though it is georgeous. That is my two cents.
Hi- I am applying for a server position at Yellowstone.
How were the tips ? Did you make good money over the season ? Where would be the best lodge to request ?

well if there's a spot open at lake hotel, i think you would make the most money there. the servers are pretty tight there (thick as thieves will bring a new meaning), and they usually have a bad reputation for that... but i always diversified. as for tips... well i made about 150/dinner, and about 50-100/breakfast. lunch sucks and i dont even remember how much i made for that shift. but with that said, lake has the highest returning rate, and the servers return the most, so who knows if there is an open spot. i worked my way into the position, starting out as a busser, as most servers do. they usually have about 30 servers at the height of the season and 15 bussers. you usually have 8 on per shift with 4-5 tables per section. turn and burn is for breakfast, and wine and dine is for dinner. memorize and sell your wine because it is the biggest moneymaker.

i also hear old faithful servers do very well, and some of my friends have actually tranferred over from lake to old faithful for personal reasons, and liked it and made a little less or as much working there. it has a completely different atmosphere, which some people prefer. i would have it as a second choice if lake is not available. good luck.
sorry i left out mammoth. when i worked there, tips were just ok. i worked there in the winter, and it was pretty busy, but a lot of people smelled liked deisel fumes from snowmobile tours. it was terrible. i am pretty sensitive to that kind of thing and had migraines pretty often. the tips were about 100-80/dinner for a really good night. my buddies tell me summertime tips are about 100-80 on average for a decent server, so a little better. breakfast was not so good with tips at around 40-60 i would say in the winters.

i did not like working in the dining room in mammoth. it is almost cafeteria style, with less attention to detail, and less fancy. this always translates to less tips and a more critical tourist ("your tables were wobbly" was a popular comment on our comment cards), which pisses me off. and i like the area around mammoth, but it has kind of a "small town" feel to it since you are pretty close to civilization. i prefer the more isolated locations myself, where you have to really WANT to go to a city, and you will enjoy that much more.


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