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I got a job out in the canyon area with DNC being a food server. I was wondering is that a good job and a good area to live? I am really nervous about going out west and living in the dorms! Has anyone lived in the dorms and could tell me what I need to bring with me?

Any advice will help!!!
Thank you.

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Does the dorms have internet? Would you bring a tv? Also, what cell phone providers work out there?
Thank you for your help!!
Valarie , congrats on the job with DNC ! As far as bringing a small tv like a 20 0r 26 " I would bring for the times at night before bed or rainy days or just those lazy days you are not exploring park . Cell phones they vary I think Verizon does work up at Old Faithful or at lodges in most locations as well as sprint maybe not sure on that part my self.
Thank you. Do you know if US Cellular works?
Hi valerie
Im the lead in the fountain look on my page for pics of the store and the dorm rooms;
It is very safe, there is only 1 dorm. you can bring a tv but no satalite hook ups there is a tv in the common room but only plays movies i think? i live in a rv so not positive i will ask though. the dorm is 500 ft or so behind the store, you sometimes have to watch for the elk and buffalo . cell phone was verizon lots of people use trac phones(pay as u go) because they will connect on most any network. the only one i know that did not work was att. there are pay phones also.there is internet for laptops slow but ok u should have paperwork for it in the packet. there is also a community computer in the rec room. edr food is good, the store managers husband roy does the cooking. we work split shifts at the store u will be either "A" group or B group.
1 week u will work approximatly 7am to 11am then come back for 3pm to 6pm the next week u will work 11am to 3pm and 6pm to close that shift is where u will work the hardest and make the most money. when do u start? when u look at the pics on my page u will see there are 5 sections 2 large 2 medium and 1 small it get very very busy especially at first and then at the end we get alot alot of busses.and short staffed! you have to be very fast . we serve hamb, chick,hot dogs, brats, veggie burgers, fries. 2 grills. and u will come to hate it because it slows u down but we make alot ALOT of shakes. but i help everyone as much as i can and this year we will have a floor supervisor just for the fountain so he will help also. you can average depends on the day about 150.00 on average. ive made as little as 50.00 a day and as much as 250.00 a day so it all depends on the day. lol we try to have fun and most days we succeed :)
there will be a couple people returning from last year.we have christmas in august.its fun we where funny hats for 4th of july so if u have one bring it. as long as u do your job and dont get caught up in partying to much u will have fun. its a beautiful area with lots of hiking around the canyon falls. u have hayden valley to the south and dunraven pass to the north in my opinion the most beautiful areas of the park. xanterra runs the lodge and campground there so there are lots and lots of people. you go to the lodge in the basement to sign up for the services the rec propgram offers like hikes, going to town, whitewater rafting and all kinds of stuff. oh yeah u always get 2 days off in a row.any other questions please feel free to ask.
teamwork already were going to have fun this summer:D
Wow that really explains it!!! Both of you really help me out. I was getting nervous because my family has been asking me questions and I didn't know the answers. I was told that they was a computer that everyone could use and the internet password was for that computer... or I could of heard the HR person wrong. lol. I start the 3rd of June. Do you know where I can find a list of things to bring. Just an outline.

Thank you!!
did you look through your paperwork? i thought there was something in there if not check there website.
the computer will be on you wont need a password unless u bring a laptop to use. you will have so much fun and meet people from all over the world. we do have a small groc store and the adventure store . we get a 30 percent discount on just about everything and if you dont hook up with someone that has a car i do and i go to walmart everyother weekend.
I went through the paperwork, but very quickly. I didn't get a list of items that might be good to bring. I filled out the paperwork in between doing homework. Not the smartest thing to do. How far is the nearest Walmart? lol I heard that it is better to have a car with you, so I am driving. So, I will going out to YNP a couple days before starting.
it is a 2 hour drive to walmart:) either cody wy which is cheaper or bozeman mt . bozeman has lots of great shopping target, shopping mall, all the city type stuff,whereas cody is more laid back. a group of u will want to go to the cody rodeo- show your id and get in for 5 bucks. always show your id. we went whitewater rafting for 22.00 each in gardnier on the yellowstone river. make sure u go mid june to mid july while the water still running fast, gets low as the season ends. you will have a car full to go hiking all the time,everybody will be your friend:)a couple hours to jackson wy lots of cool stuff there whitewater the snake river. as far as your room all the things that make u comfy,favorite blanket and pillow, maybe some pics,if your single u wont be for long lol or if u have a boyfriend at home u will forget all about him lmao:)you work hard but lots of benefits.
have comfort shoes cause u will be on the go at work.having a car will help SO much inbetween shifts u can ride up dunraven and see grizzleys,black bears,elk,moose,big horns. wolf,coyotes,eagles and so much more. im getting excited and starting to ramble:)))
well first thats what friends r 4 to give u rides:) otherwise im sure u could find something a couple guys sold there cars last year:)yes it does cost insurance and gas- expensive in ys u need to try to fill up in cody and make it last till u return there again.
Hey Brenda, Montana Craig's List had some incredibly cheap rides last summer.
Hey Valerie!
I am in the same boat as you! I got a job with dnc in the canyon area as a food server! I have never done this before! I'm going alone, so it makes it all the more exiting/scary. I heard its better to drive out, for myself, I just don't want to be stranded in one area. I really want to visit Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons if I can, so I feel like having a car is a plus!
Anyways, I wish you the best of luck getting out there!


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