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Yellowstone DNC Employees Receiving a Bounus This Year?

Last year I was able to get a box of fudge for all my hard work...
Hopefully this has changed.. Anyone know for a fact?

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no bonus:( just fudge again. they did change their pay scale for some things and if u r a returning employee u will get a raise for every returning year. we do work split shifts. and dnc does not split tips. the servers keep all there tips and do all there own work. last year some larger parties tipped the cooks 1 time one got a 50.00 tip and a couple of them got 20.00 tip otherwise salary only.
No bonus again.. that's a bummer.
Well I don't mind having no tips this year because I'm getting paid a little more which is nice.

If you don't mind me asking.. What kind of stuff will I be cooking as a Fry Cook?
At the last hotel I worked I got a bonus until Delaware North took over and then they ended the bonuses.
It sucks how, big corporations take over and get greedy. Nobody wants to help the peon anymore.
I now Xanterra and Aramark use to but I don't know if they do anymore.
In my agreement with Xanterra there is an end-of-season bonus.
not sure i was told last year that dnc's room and food was not as expensive as xanterribles.
they might of changed some things but last year was bacon,sausage,ham, eggs any way but sunny side up,cheese omelet,hash browns and pancakes
hamburger,chicken breast,veggie burger,brats,hotdogs,grilled cheese and french fries.we toast the buns.we have a small bar that has bbq and soups, chili but the servers do that u just furnnish a "setup" for them with bun and fries. our fountain is a 50's style diner. shakes and malts and hamb and fries. we get tons of buses and u will go from 0 people to 90 in 5 min.
we pride ourselfs on very very good food . im very easy going just cook it like u r going to eat it,no burnt food and u will have fun. as we get more people we have 2 grills and try to put 2 at each grill each shift lol u will be coming in as the start up group so see u may 11
Alright thanks for the word.
See ya there!
Xanterribles<---- Nice


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