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ello. The name is Jon and it's my first experience  working outside of my home state. Trying to connect with anyone that will be working at yellowstone this spring/summer. Or..get some input from anyone who's worked around ol' faithful. I've read a lot but want to actually receive input directly. How easy is it to keep employment? Is it possible i will get eaten by a bear? i'm from the city, heh, gimme a break. I'm nervous/excited so help me out.

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You'll have a fantastic time, I'll be at Lake Lodge. Take advantage of all the fun stuff, you Will Not get eaten by a bear. I've hiked plenty over there, never fear.


Make friends, in the end, those memories will last forever. The job, just do your best and stay out of trouble. When they say no fighting, no knives, no drugs, they mean it. I worked there in 2009, excited to be going back. Excited, no, elated, can't wait!


No problem with the bears....very rare to be attacked by a bear, however they DID have two fatalities last year attributed to bears.  Best advice is DO NOT HIKE ALONE .... this just makes common sense.  Bear spray is advisable also .... but it is very unlikely that you will ever need it.  Of more concern are the mosquitoes .... they are normally really bad for 2-4 weeks during the summer.  I used the OFF fan that you clip to your belt .... worked good for me and you didn't have to spray yourself with smelly Deet.  Proper clothing will help keep bugs off of you also (jeans, long sleeve shirts).  It would be best to have a car available in Yellowstone. It is a huge park and you need a car if you expect to see most of it during your summer.   To save money do all the free or nearly free stuff - such as hiking, wildlife viewing.  Take binoculars if you own any - as you will need them to see the animals up close.   Steer clear of the Buffalo, they are all over and never in a good mood....stay a minimum of 75 ft away from them.  I highly recommend you take a Day Trip outside the Northeast corner of the Park to a place called the Beartooth.  This is an amazing Alpine environment that will have snow well into July and perhaps August.

@ Jon - What position you get hired for?

kitchen crew. it wasn't that specific

hey man. I'm a new yellowstone employee too. pretty pumped and nervous too. i'll be at cayon villiage. You get hired by DNC or Xanterra?

hey! I just wanted to say I just got hired at canyon too! I start may 26th. what will you be working there?

Nice! I hear canyon is an awesome place to be. I'll be workin' the employee dining room for DNC! Hopin to meet everyone and have some f-u-n.

I've heard it is too! should be fun! I'm sure we will run into each other sometime lol im traveling with someone i know, but other than that, wont know anyone, so im looking forward to meeting people too!

I just got hired for Yellowstone too! I'll be at Roosevelt. It'll be my first seasonal job so I'm also excited/nervous/not sure what to expect. When do you start?

Xanterra. and i start may 5th.  so pumped

Hey bud I got hired kitchen crew also start may 5th
I am from a small town in Mississippi and I am driving where u from bud 


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