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ello. The name is Jon and it's my first experience  working outside of my home state. Trying to connect with anyone that will be working at yellowstone this spring/summer. Or..get some input from anyone who's worked around ol' faithful. I've read a lot but want to actually receive input directly. How easy is it to keep employment? Is it possible i will get eaten by a bear? i'm from the city, heh, gimme a break. I'm nervous/excited so help me out.

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jon do u start at the inn or lodge in ynp?i was just wondering cuz i start on may 5th at the o.f.lodge though,some will start at lake on may 5th too.

I just got offered preseason work at Snow Lodge, checking in April 28. This will run until May 31, and then I transfer to Lake Lodge.

I love Yellowstone, can't wait, so happy for the preseason offer! See you  all there!

thats when i check in  for mammonth

Well, I may get to meet you, Reggie! Cool :)

i start mammonth on the 28th kitchen crew


hey carol,i guess i may meet u in person at old faithful for ur pre-season,i remember i met clayne w.out at lake in 2010,i havnt met brenda,leo and reggie yet,imma see reggie in mammoth on may 5,he is in kitchen crew.


I will meet you this summer if you go to Yellowstone!

Im coming in on the 28th also so probably see u!

hi jude,how r ya,u r so great because i tell this to ppl when they 1st season too,a place where the good,the bad and the ugly all sits in together,oh man yea,i get away n farther away from ppl who looks for trouble,a couple when tried to rob me,1 lady at lake and 1 at old faithful cuz they thought i was rich w/lots of money and i buy me cool things that cost a lot,but i dont have bad ppl in my inner circle though,i watch out for me anywhere in the world.hey jude,where r u gonna be working this season in yellowstone,i see ya around,i'll say hey when i meet ya.

thanks jude!!!jude i may of saw u b4 at old faithful back in 2009 if u were working there.i was working in the inn for the dinning room and food runner,hopes u have a great summer.

I'm going to be at Roosevelt Lodge working as a wrangler and am coming all the way from Massachusetts! This is my first ranch job and I am super excited, but nervous. 

Hmmm... I just barely put in my application 4 days ago.. pretty late in the game but I am still hoping to get hired. What do you guys think?

Yellowstone.. whichever village and whatever job would be a dream job for me. I love the park. My parents ran the city center motel in 94-95 when I was 9, and those are some of the best memories of my life!


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