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I accepted a position with DNC at the Tower Fall location. Can anyone tell me about the area. I will be working in the retail store. Mid July until mid Sept.

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i just accepted a tore position at the canyon and will be in a rv see ya there
Look forward to meeting you.
nice location, little south of roosevelt, a little further north of canyon. awesome hiking in the area. it will be busy there between memorial and labor days, but very dead otherwise. the crowd of employees is pretty tight as DNC employees usually are. what else do you want to know? they fixed the road close to tower finally. it was horrible pre-2005. mt washburn, and the road just north is very beautiful. bring a scope since you can directly view about 100,000 acres from your car. not my favorite location, but all of yellowstone is beautiful.

not much to do after work socially though.
Thanks Mike for the info. Sounds like I'll be living in Paradise this summer. Any suggestion on what type of scope?
I lived there awhile last season. The cabins, well, you'll see!! LOL There is no wireless internet, only one desktop in the "Employee Rec Center" and no pub and nothing much to do UNLESS, you are a hiker, nature watcher, etc... which is why people should come to the park in the first place.

It's a much smaller location than all the others therefore, it is a pretty tight-knit bunch. It's fun to watch people's reaction to the chuck-wagon coming in every night. Especially, the little kids. They get a real kick out of the horses. There is pretty good hiking in the area and since you are right next to Lamar Valley you should check out the wild life. There really is a great deal to see.

The area is know for black bear activity. It's referred to as "The Bearmuda Triangle". You'll also be close enough to the Canyon area that I highly recommend hiking there. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is truly spectacular and some of it is in the Tower area as well. At Tower, hike Lost Lake and a bit towards Canyon there is Mt. Washburn. There are many other great trails in the area as well. Plus, if you do backcountry camping the sites in the Lamar Valley are excellent campsites.

The best way to sum up living at Tower is you have to make your own fun. There's very little activity provided otherwise. The employee "lounge" is a single cabin with a single pool table and one computer station that works about half the time (I spent a great deal of time last season resetting the machine in order to keep the internet available). Have a great season!
Scott, thanks for input. Tower is sounding more and more exactly what I am looking for. I currently live in downtown Houston above two pubs. There are 12 bars within 1 square block of my condo. The wildlife I see is at 3 am when the dance club across the street empties out right outside my 5th floor window. I'm looking forward to the peace and quiet. I plan on writing, hiking, some photography and making new friends. I do have a question. From the tower where is the closest area with wireless internet?
The closest is in the Mammoth area, 18 miles to the north. Be advised, it is nearly impossible to access during the daytime as there are so many people on it that it slows to a crawl. If you can afford it I highly recommend a wireless card for your laptop via Verizon as then you'll have your own network at highspeed access. That too, will only work in the Mammoth area and the Old Faithful area on a regular basis but at least you will be able to get "wired".
Hows it goin Pat, My name is Foster and I will be at Tower this summer as well. I'll be working in the Kitchen hopefully things wont be as awful in the Kitchen as some have described on here, I will do my best to keep things clean and the food tasty. I also just moved from a situation similar to yourself, i lived in Downtown Washington, DC with all the hustle bustle you describe of Houston. One thing I wanted to let you know is I have heard from the Horses mouth that they will be hooking up wireless internet at Tower within the next few weeks, and I believe it will be up and running by the time we get out there on the 11th. Anyhow just wanted to say whats up and I look forward to meeting you and all fellow employees, It gonna be a great summer!
A little bit more about Tower: Some thought the EDR was ok. I thought it was horrible. It was incredibly dirty. The food was boarderline inedible some days. I think this is mostly due to there not being an EDR manager employed so I believe it all comes down to the Sous Chef on duty that day. That person is usually too busy with meal planning, prep, etc... for there to be any time left for other things, like cleanliness.

Also, Tower has a mostly younger crowd (mostly because the vast majority of employees are wranglers, F&B and Housekeeping). I found most of the wranglers to be a pretty good lot. But, as with all locations the "problem children" seemingly always come from F&B. It got out of hand last season and the Rangers had to come in many, many nights and restore order. Several employees were carted off to jail and/or fired.

If the same location manager returns (Barry Wolfe) you will really like him. It was a real pleasure working with and around Barry. A super nice guy. If he is there this season say hello to him for me.
Scott, I will be sure to tell Barry ( if he is still there ) you said hello. Where will you be this summer?
Hi Pat, I will be working at the Tower store starting on August 3rd and working till sometime in Sept. I am really looking forward to getting there and meeting you. What do you think so far? If there is anything you could tell me of what I may need for my dorm room, please let me know. Sheets? Can I have a small coffee pot? I'm leaving my place in Michigan on July 24th and will take it slow comming out there so I can sight see. This is my first gig with seasonal work. I have just retired from my 30 year job.
See you soon!!! Donna Purdy
By now you have finished your season a Tower Falls. I worked there in 2001...started scooping ice cream...and discovered the two most important answers at that location...they are: Vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge and Reeses Peanut Butter Cup (what's in Moosetracks?) and, "out the front door and to your left (self-explanatory). I did that for 3 weeks before my roommate, who was the dorm manager, became very ill and had to leave..then I took over as dorm manager. I had a blast! At age 62, I found the rest of the staff (with 3 or 4 exceptions) to be nearly the same. Most of them were married couples..I was a experiences there rejuvinated my spirit for living a fuller life. I was in great shape at the time, and did a lot of hiking with other staff members, plus a lot of socializing as well. Supper at Roosevelt, with drinks on the theater in West Yellowstone...what's not to like? I hope your experience was as rewarding!! I have since re-married and my wife is anxious to work at one of the parks.


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