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Okay so I applied to Yosemite with a friend and I am a bit worried. Maybe somebody here can shed some light. I sent my application in about 5 weeks ago and just heard back from them about 2 weeks ago and had an interview a week ago and have not heard a thing from them since. I was excited that I got interviewed so I told me friend to apply and he got called a few days AFTER he sent his app in.. had an interview and then a few days later talked to a line manager! All within a week while I sit here 5 weeks later still waiting.. what is going on? Its kind of irritating because I was so excited about the position and told me friend.. now it seems like I am not even getting it and he is. Is the hiring process inconsistent? Does almost everybody who applies get an interview or does being interviewed mean you have a pretty good shot of landing the job? Thanks guys.. hope you can shed some light.

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I can't speak for yosemite specifically, but with zanterra sometimes you have to bug them a little.  Some people will tell you not to do that but I find it's the only way to secure a job.  I think it might just be an oversight on their part.  I would definitely call or send an email.  Probably better to call them, email can be ignored.  Just ask them the status of your application and tell them you are still interested.
Call Evergreen lodge see if they are hiring....By far the best place to work in Yosemite.
It's been two weeks since you posted this. Did you ever hear back from them?

Actually, no.  The recruiting specialist keeps telling me that the line manager will contact me for my 2nd interview.  They never called so she assigned me to a different property and they never called me either.  DNC seems very unprofessional and disorganized.  I applied over two months ago and they keep messing around with me wasting my time.  And after all this I really don't even want to work for them knowing how they operate.  Hopefully other people have better luck with DNC.  No hard feelings for the park.. just the concessionaire :P


Oh, and want to know the funny part.. My friend didn't even know what Yosemite was 4 weeks ago and now he is working there.  Oh well, their loss.

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