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Hi everyone! 

I am strongly considering applying for a Fall/Winter position at Zion this year. I would love to hear more about peoples' experiences living and working in this park. It seems like a small staff - is hiring very competitive? 

On a related note, it seems like this would be a good way to save some cash. I read that Xanterra takes out a total of $13.50 for food/housing daily - have you found that you tend to save up when living and working in a park? I want to thru hike the AT next year and need to save however I can! 


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$13.50/day X 30days==$405/month=== to much to pay for a shared dorm room.

And I don't like places that automatically take money out of your check for meals...I don't always eat the meals, so why should I pay for them?

$405 is cheap and if you think about it that is a steal

You are getting a place to crash for $405 a month and you are getting 3 meals a day and most likely you can get second and thirds if you want so that is inexpensive. Yeah you will have a roommate but if I were you I would barely ever be staying in the dorms when I am not working, some people like to do nothing and just dwell in the dorm rooms when on days off its so worth doing hiking or exploring other parks.

$405 in the real world barely pays for food per month and gas to get to and from work. Rent is another story. I mean what else do you have to pay for besides a car if you have it and insurance but if you go there and all you have to pay is that $405 a month you can certainly save lots of money. Just my two cents!

I only pay $30/week  ($120 month) at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon 

Zion is a million times better than South Rim Grand Canyon! Just saying! 


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