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I've been shooting photographs steadily since the mid-90's. I've been an advance amateur since 2001. I was the president (one-year term) of a community photgraphy association some years back. I LOVE macro, also nature/scenic (who doesn't, here? ) and candid-people. Someday if I ever get money for the equipment, I'd love to learn how to do astrophotography. Photography trips are my dream vacation! Anyone else notice that when you're on a trip with nonphotog friends/family, they get awfully tired of you stopping to take those pictures all the time? I've sure had that.

I've traveled around the States quite a bit, been to a lot of national parks... including Arches (MANY times, millions of pix), Olympic, Zion, Bryce, Redwoods, Glacier, Yellowstone (wink, wink), Grand Tetons, and others. I've also been to Niagara Falls, Canada, and even Australia! Would love to go back to Australia someday.

I also love history, archaeology, NASA space stuff, and would love to find a way to be involved in those, especially if I could use my photography. I don't drive, so that has limited me in job choices, but I have loved focusing on look around me whereever I'm at for photo opps.

I still need work on getting the finer points of lighting/metering, for the more difficult/contrasty shots. Low-light shots, too. Part of it is I need a camera with more of the right features to increase my ability to catch those details. DSLRS rightfully have the rep for doing that.

Favorite photo shoots? I'd have to say, for one, the trip I took with family where we stopped in the Laby Bird Johnson Grove and I got out for a really quick walk, into the very fogged-in trees...looked back to see my dad following me, crossing a bridge... got off a shot and it captured this total mood of "Everyman's Journey" (I titled the photo with this and won a first-place in the photography association's monthly contest) I got a number of other neat photos there too. The mood was amazing and I loved the brief time I was able to spend there soaking it in. I also love waiting for the light....I did get to take one trip with the photographer's association; to Zion in 2001. Fantastic! I highly recommend it.

How about you?

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Haha. I would attack my friend if she took too many photos of me! Only because I'm normally the one who does that.
I love Photography and this summer while working at Mt. Rainier I finally went Digital. After many many years using film, and I love it! I bought a Panasonic Lumix dmc l 78 with a leica lens.... it takes awesome photos.. has a great movie player and is way more than I could of asked for ,,,,fora mere 100.00... I photographing wildlife, pets, flowers, and artsy things. Recently while visiting fam & friends on the Central Coast of Calif... we went on some really fun photo shoots. One was in an awesome Candy store.. so many colors it was a ball. I mostly like nature photography, yet animals are also really awesome to shoot. My hobby has taken me to higher levels as I had photos that were posted on a website for the San Juan County Land Bank. They had a photo contest, and even though I didn't win anything they posted my shots on their website. I have won a few contests at facebook which is always fun. The next step is that a good friend and I are putting colaborating on a spiritual journal for women. It will be comprised of photography, quotes and short writings.... Mainly I enjoy it as a hobby yet I have had people ask me at Flicker about having things published.... anyway, I a younger older and bolder 54, I love animals.... I am also a Certified Marine Naturalist, Massage Therapist and Animal Caregiver. I have worked in Denali, Glacier and Mt. Rainier as well as Hawaii and Orcas Island.... Hiking, camping, reading and photography top my list along with original artwork where I focus on painting and fabric Art... That is me....
Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you... Life gets in the way sometimes.
Sounds like a wonderfully creative and enjoyable life you have! I'd love to work Hawaii someday.... or Glacier. I envy you the painting ability...I love looking at paintings.
I'm thinking of getting another Canon point and shoot for daytime/fast shooting, and only using my Nikon DSLR for night shooting. But I don't know.
It's fun to take pictures of colorful stuff; I took some in M and M's world in Las Vegas... not the best photos, art wise, but I still love looking at them for all the colors of M and M's.
Will definitely check out photography more on FB when I get time. Would love to go on a photo trip especially....
My interest in photography began as a hobby. Still is to this day. Usually I like to freelance; traveling from place to place capturing that special image. I love taking landscape photos, plus photos of symbolism, painted images on rocks, or a something that depicts a theme of the natural world.
Originally my collection of photos began as postcards picked up from a gift shop at different national parks. Including places like Death Valley CA, Yosemite CA, Grand Canyon AZ, Haleakala HI, Denali AK, etc. Then my interest evolved into taking pictures w/ a cell phone. Followed by my first purchase of a Canon 720 IS camera. Ever since, I never would leave the house without my life tool. I'm hoping my hobby will turn into a career. Anyway, I'm scheduled for another solo trip where I live on the road behind the bush, doing risky business for that perfect image. "Supertramp" style.
Wish me luck!
Luck! I hope you get what you're after :)


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