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This was taken at Mammoth Hot Springs in yellowstone in 2006. One of my favorite shots!
Since this site doesn't have a way for each group to have their own photo album, I thought it's be nice to post a pic or two now and then... comment or discuss if you'd like. I had a kodakeasy share digital camera 6 mp, at that time. it got some nice photos! I've since upgraded.

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This moonlit night was great the clouds in the sky looked like waves. The stars in the background almost make it seem like there are two skies. One stationary and one mobile.
This is another favorite from Denali summer 2005.
Great shot Silas. I love playing with star/moon and cloud pictures but haven't had much success at it yet. I'm hoping that this year, with the Sony717 which has the best long exposure settings of cameras, tripod, and the clear starry nights on the North Rim I will get lots of practice and some good shots.
Interesting! That is very cool.... How did you capture this?

I really love this photo it was taken in san angelo, tx. I caught the light just right. I only had the camera for an hour before I took the shot.
Nice shot Jeff. And so soon after getting the camera is lucky.

I love sunset and other interesting light pictures that have silhouettes, or other objects between camera and light source. My problem is whenever I get a nice sunset I either don't have the camera close by, or I'm totally surrounded by trees and buildings obscuring everything, or it's absolutely flat all the way to the horizon! Guess that's a downside to being in FL.
That is a great shot! Beautiful colors and great mood.....

"Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam...........home, home on the range"
This photo reminds me of that song. I took it in summer 2006 while on one of the awesome tours Xanterra does (Xanterra employees get them free on a space-available least they did in 2006-2008.)
Very "Little House on the Prairie"! I like how much sky you've got though, shame you couldn't have got one of the bison running at you! lol
Ha ha! And have a heart attack? I think not :) Those bison can run 30 mph when they decide to charge.

It was a spur-of-the-moment picture; I just quickly took it...didn't set anything up settings-wise or anything. Some of my best photos come that way.
This was taken with a kodak easy share as well. It was an indoor photo and I loved the way the light bounced from 30 stories above us.114_0352a.jpg


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