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Favorite Professional/Famous Photographers, Your Inspirations?

Some of mine are:
-Michael Fatali AMAZING photographer!
-Tom Till
-Marc Muench
-Ansel Adams :)

Fantastic nature photogs. Someday I'd love to own a photograph from each one of them! Michael gets unusually-vivid colors in his; he's used Cibachrome film. I'm not expert enough to understand all the ins and outs of film but I know what I like visually. he also gets out to really remote places, particularly in the Southwest, so it's not the same-old, same-old scenes and angles all the tourists get.

Tom Till and Marc Muench both find new angles and/or wait long enough to get unusual lighting (great tricks for photographers!) sometimes new places, sometimes familiar ones...

Of course the fact that they all shoot with expensive, top-notch equipment is a HUGE part of how they can translate their creative eye into a great photograph.
I just try to take inspiration from what they do to make my own photography better.... though I think the market now is so crowded, I wonder how anyone but guys like this can manage to sell their photography :D ;)

Someday I'd love to be able to sell my photographs :) It's one of my top dreams.

How about you?

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Replies to This Discussion is Michael's site. He's got amazing photographs!!!!
Sam Abell, retired National Geographic photographer, whom I've now met twice. He is a dear man and an excellent teacher / photographer. I wrote a blog post about my conversation with him on my photography website. I was on cloud 9.

Ansel Adams

Peter Kearns, a friend of mine, who I met while taking a photography certificate program.

I'll add more names as I think of them. There are so many wonderful photographers out there. For the record, I don't necessarily believe you need the most amazing equipment to make a great photograph. It's what you do with it instead that matters. If you don't have the skills, the most expensive camera won't matter at all.
Very true~ Someday my goal is to obtain the camera and lens(es) that will allow me the increase in creative control over what I'm seeing, to get the kinds of photos where the tricky lighting, the wide lattitude in exposure range, metering challenges, etc, can be better achieved. Astrophotography is a someday-dream of mine as well. Plus star-trail photos. The more I learn about photography, the more I enjoy it.


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