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For someone that has never been to Alaska, what do you guys think is the best place to work?

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Wow Colby - that is a tough one to answer. I guess it depends on what YOU want. I live in Southeast AK and love it here. In SE you will have lots of opportunity for work on or around the water. Since SE is a huge archipeligo there is a lot of work on boats, fishing lodges and flightseeing companies. If you love (or want to learn & love) water/fishing/diving/boating I definately recommend checking out SE. I have traveled in the interior and for spectacular mountain ranges, hiking and camping there is not much better.
If you are interested in working on or around the water check out the listings for the company I work for Allen Marine Tours.
But remember, where ever you go it will be awesome - it's Alaska !! Hope this helps just a little!
Laurie B
Thanks Laurie!

I can't believe how many opportunities are available in Alaska as compared to the "mainland". It's unreal.

I worked at the Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge as well and I loved it. It was an incredible experiance and it makes it easy to go explore. I'm going back this Summer.
Hey Laurie! I'll be starting at Allen Marine in April! Do you love it? How hard was it finding adequate housing?
Hi Meaghan - I'll be working for Allen Marine too starting in May. Will you be in Ketchikan by any chance?

Laurie B, you still on here? Tell me more about Allen Marine!?

This past summer I worked in interior in Alaska in Denali National Park, and it was the best experince ever. There is so much to do around Denali and being an employee, you get alot of discounts. The hiking and backpacking has to be some of the best in the's unreal! There are also a few cities surrounding Denali, and they have very fun festivals throughout the summer. Although the scenary is amazing, the people are what makes Denali NP so awesome. I never made it to the Southern part, but the interior was good enough for me. I would go back to Alaska in a heartbeat; you're going to fall in love with it!
Good luck,
-Caitlyn M
I totally agree Caitlyn, the people that work in Denali are the best part. I met people there this past summer and we all moved to Girdwood, AK together because we formed such an amazing bond this summer. The festivals are more fun than any I ever went to down in the lower 48 and I honestly can't wait for the summer to get here so I can get back up to Denali.
I would go Southeast too. I didn't get to go up any further than Juneau but what I saw around that area was absolutely amazing. Look up Glacier Bay Lodge. The room and board is reasonable, plus you get to ride the tour boat for free. The lodge provides you with kayaks and bikes, as well as a company vehicle to go into "town" with if you want to. The people you will meet are absolutely amazing. Apply to be a boat steward and you get to talk to people all day long, as well as learn all about how to work on a huge boat. You also get to see the animals every day, and the glaciers are amazing! This place is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and you have to see it! The town is about 400 people in the summer so you get to meet everyone basically lol. You definitely have to be willing to spend your summer in a totally different mindset. Gustavus doesn't have any malls, no movie theaters, and one pizza place. It gives you the total Alaska experience!
I love the area on the Kenai peninsula, particularly Seward. I now live 30 miles from Mt. McKinley and work for Princess at their McKinley Princess Lodge. I echo some of the statements about the interior. I love it here. The mountains are breathtaking, there are great hiking and fishing opportunities, and the weather is really favorable, not as much rain as in Southeast. Also, not too hard to get to Anchorage which offers a lot and is a cool city to spend some time in. Yes it is a city, but there are some really cool places to go there as well.
Cooper Landing brother. Cooper Landing!!! It is sweet. And there is a ton of employment oppurtunity. Just go on Google and type in Cooper Landing and they have a website with all the adventure and fishing outfitters that are in the town. The Kenia and Russian River are in that town and those river are SICK for salmon fishing. Check it out.
Too bad we can't add a poll!

It's getting down to the wire for apps. I need to make a decision soon...


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