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How many are going back or starting up in Alaska for this coming whole spring summer fall season?

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there is a good possibility... although I am also considering to going back to an old job in California... time will tell.. I am in touch with a few places already....... yet might be time for a change.

I might go back to Chalet or something 2014. Right now Have job kind of set for North Rim Grand Canyon. I did Alaska 1984, 1985, 2007, 2009.

Been finding out sometimes it's best to go back to the same seasonal job in the same area. Because it's easy to get re hired. All the  have to do after the application is to check back with corporate of delegable for re hire. That is what I am doing with Grand Canyon north rim. Coming back.

I'll try to look you up if you decide to go back this summer.   Would love to talk in person :-)

I'm not leaving. The job in the cannery at Kodiak was done last week and the company flew everyone back to Seattle last Friday. I got off of the plane in Anchorage and here I am. I loved Kodiak. Not so much the cannery work. I'm going back to Kodiak for a visit for sure next year. Looking for North Slope work this week.
Did you know that for back up plan. One of the Haines Hotels is open for month to month stay's. It's price is $600 per month. Includes Wi-Fi, Heat, Television. You could maybe use it for a base. Making Telephone Calls. Mountain View Motel 907 766 3369.

I am going back to work for princess next summer but I am thinking of working on the train. 

The Alaska Railroad the people staff gets very busy at times. However think they have lots of overtime.

As you know Bob, I'll be going to Alaska this Spring.  Not sure where yet, but definitely going.

I will be going back to Cooper Landing with Alaska Wildland Adventures.

hey everyone Ive applied for a lot of jobs on denali and have yet to get hired. Any suggestions?

Give it a couple weeks, I didnt get hired last year until mid febuary.


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