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hey, very curious about alaska... is freezing, things to do, etc... ? Would this be a place to start if your a first timer in seasonal work.. just sounds so intriging..... thanks

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Denali National Park is a great place to start; So is Anchorage if you don't mind a city. The temps in the summer are perfect although sometimes it can get rainy. Princess Lodges and Aramark are big companies that hire thousands. Pricess has many properties, including Cooper Landing which is an awesome place to be. The fishing, hiking, photography, camping, berry-picking, bonfires, festivals are abundant. Come on up!!! :0)
hey thanks i am on my way to check this places out... thanks
Coldfoot and Deadhorse camps are most likely not ideal for your first seasonal job. I worked there this summer and although I enjoyed it most people may not. You will be very isolated Coldfoot can be an 8 hour drive to civilization there is absolutely nothing around for hundreds of miles. Some people might like that. You will work with a small group of people maybe around 30 in the summer and less then 10 in the winter. A majority of the buisness is truckers and pipeline workers. These people are very friendly for the most part, you just wont be seeing a huge toursist traffic flow. The company I worked for was awesome they take care of the coworkers very well. Free room and board and the food is the best I every had. Let me know if you have any questions I can hook you up with some friends still working up there.

Coldfoot was my first seasonal job (summer, 2009).

I had an incredible time. I can't say enough positive things about the company and the coworkers. You should definitely know what you are getting'll be out in the middle of nowhere. For me, that was just what i was looking for.

The temperature in the summer is great.

I highly, highly recommend applying to Coldfoot if you are looking for a relaxed, amazing, truly unique summer experience.
I'm really glad I read this thread, because I am interviewing with them probably tomorrow. I am ecstatic to be in the remote wilderness as it will be conducive to my plans of writing another novel. Serenity in solitude. Maybe do some backcountry hiking. I think I'm going to put on my game face and give Coldfoot a whirl. :D Thanks guys! - Joshua

I haven't worked there.. however I have been to Coldfoot... funny little place, literally in the middle of nowhere... there is a cafe, post office and motel.. and the Gates of the Arctic National Park visitor center... Summer's hot... can have lots of brush fires... as in the past from my year 04..... september nice..fall colors.. yet your are out there.. in the boonies.... Good luck.. Raven Sky


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