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I just had the oddest experience with the City of Vail (Colorado). I was hired for the winter season 2017 / 18. On my third day of training (ten hour days starting at 6 in the morning. I drive nights.) I went to work at 6:00 am and before I had coffee the HR guy was there and he asked 'how's it going'. I said I was tired, bla, bla, bla... I know how to drive (because I have over 30 years driving experience). I said I just need to know how this company wants it done. I thought it was a harmless comment. But within 10 minutes the general manager was there calling me a 'red flag' and 'he has seen my type before', 'he's been doing this for four years' and getting quite aggressive. For some reason they don't like me and was showing me the door. I never had this experience. So, after traveling from my last job in Alaska to Vail, Colorado and paying the deposit on their housing (for the 5 days I lived there) I am out of over $700.00, a job and wondering what the bleep happened.

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