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I am currently working here. My last day is the 7th of April. If anyone who is interested in getting the true scoop on working here let me know. I will help out the best I can.

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Hi, I'd like the true scoop! I just put in an application for there for summer employment.

i like some info about it to since i work for aramark i can transferred down there for the winter
Hi, I just got offered a housekeeping job here for the summer. I haven't accepted it, but I'm definetely leaning towards it. Is there anything you think I should know?
How busy is the restaurant?; both summer and winter. Are the employees happy ones?... thanx for info
I'm interested in possibly applying for a job there. Would love to get the true scoop. TIA
I spent my last summer at Togwotee and despite the mess from the changing in management to a big business (aramark), I had a blast. A lot of the employees would gripe and complain, but overall I think most people really enjoyed themselves. I wouldn't go into housekeeping there was a mess and at one point pretty much everybody left and quit, including the manager. I was leaving housekeepin as well since I got tranferred into the giftshop. However, the cabins were enjoyable to clean and it was really pretty easy. The reasturant has a good steady business since it's pretty isolated on the highway, so a lot of people stop at Togwotee or the Hatchet down the road to eat. In the winter it is much busier at Togwotee all around, and I kinda wish I would've stayed on. It sounded chaotic and loads of fun...whole different clientele. If you got any questions, let me know. :)
Hi Brenda....oh my sounds like you did not have a good experience. I will be working gift shoppe

There must be some good there? Working the winter...Encourgement? Sharon
Thanks Brenda for the reply.....You sound like a veteran at this...I am a rookie...Summer employment....what was a wonderful experiece that you might have had.
I will be working at Togwotee this summer, starting next week. I know all of the area around Yellowstone Park and Grand Teton very well. I go on vacation out there 2-3 times per year. Just was wondering about the inner workings of the resort.
How many days per week do you usually work??? 2 days off or 1 ??? Housing, meals and anything else you can share with me...Thanks Terry
Yes, I would Sharon

I know its been a while since anyone has added to the discussion, but I just wanted to say for all future Togwotee employees that I spent last summer there (2012) and it was an absolute blast! The dorms were comfortable (they've been kept in pretty good shape, no complaints if you're not a picky person), employee food was good (of course some meals are better than others depending on what you like), and employees get some good discounts in the restaurant and gift shop! I've heard its a lot busier in winter, but personally, I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the guests. There's tons of outdoor activities to do, its not super close to an actualy town, but we were always busy hiking, rafting, or exploring either Grand Teton or Yellowstone. I would totally recommend it to anyone considering it!!

I'm hoping to work with the Togwotee Mountain Lodge team for the Spring/Summer 2014........any hints or advice for landing a job there?


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