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I am applying to places in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks for next summer. I know how the parks are different but which companies are better to work for?

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I don't have the answers, but it might help to first list the various companies involved in any such comparisons.

For Yellowstone: Xanterra, Yellowstone General Stores (aka Delaware North Corp.), YPSS, NPS

For Grand Tetons: Grand Teton Lodge Company (GTLC), Forever Resorts (Signal Mountain), Dornans, NPS

who did I forget?
You definitely should check out Forever Resorts (Signal Mountain Lodge in Grand Teton National Park). They have some of the best management you will find around the parks! You will enjoy every minute of it, no matter what position you apply for. There's no better place to work :) Best of luck!
I have heard it is a good place. Do you know about the housing and pay scale?
Sharon- Signal Mountain Lodge has a great link to their employment information page under Grand Teton National Park on the main Cool Works website. From looking at their website, they only hire 140 seasonal employees each summer and they have at least a 50% employee return rate which means that they only hire about 70 newbies each year. From everything I have read on My Cool Works it's a great place to work. All the Companies have have links on Cool Works to their employment websites explaining what they offer, how much they pay and take out for food/housing and why you should work for them. Check on their Website as they could change to pay or housing from year to year but most charge $70 to $75 per per week for room and board and the starting salary for most is around $7.56 per Hr which in the minimum wage in WY. I did a search on My Cool Works for what other My Cool Works members have already written about them and no one that I could find said anything but good things about them and also Grand Teton Lodge Company has a good reputation too. I have already applied to work at both of them. Good Luck! Terry
Thanks for your response. I read all of that information but I was looking for personal insight from someone who had been there. I haven't found any information about the dorms. Are they maintained, etc. Thanks again, Sharon

 i know that jackson lake lodge-gtlc has dorm cleaners for common areas and bedding is given to you.they have a free laundry room on dorm street and a rec. hall


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