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Well I finally finished packing all my stuff for the summer, and just thought I would put part of my list up on here in case anyone wanted to read it for ideas and to make sure you don't forget anything..

Hiking boots
tennis shoes
teva sandals
wool socks
sock liners
nice pants
swinm trunk
sleep pants
dress shirt
Gore-tex rain coat
Gore-tex rain pants
Fleece liner for rain coat
light packable jacket
wool hat
neoprene gloves
reg. gloves
baseball hat
croakies for my glasses
first aid-kit
shower bag
DEET 100%
travel roll of TP
waterproof bag
camelback for backpack
topo maps of area
alaska guide
laptop & charger
sd cards
fold up mesh laundry hamper
ALARM CLOCK w/ battery back-up
ipod & charger
Book for flight

Those are the main things. Hope this is helpful, good luck!


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Wow, that helps a lot. I just went shopping this weekend and got a whole bunch of winter clothes (which were ALL on sale, so it was super cheap). I've lived in Florida my whole life so I don't own anything warm. Although it won't be that cold when we are there, it will be really cold for me. I just saw snow for the first time a few months ago.
I also can't decide if I should bring anything nice to wear. I know Cooper's Landing is a quaint town, so I don't know if I'll ever need to wear anything nice. What's your take on that?
Yeah i found a ton of winter stuff super, super cheap, as it is still gonna be cold when i leave next week. Calling for snow on thursday when i get there! I always pack one or two nice sets of clothes. You never know what is going to happen, your boss might want to take a group out for a nice dinner as a reward for doing a good job, or you might meet someone special and want to go out on a nice date. And since we will have 2 consecutive days off in a row, that will give good opportunity to visit other parts of Alaska, and I know I plan on taking a few trips on the Alaska Railroad in the nicer cars, so I will want to look a little nicer than just jeans and a t-shirt. I would think that being a woman a nice dress or two would be a good addition and wouldn't take up much room in your bag.
Bob didn't tell me this, but since the restaurant is open 24 hrs, are our shifts going to be real crazy?


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