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I'll be heading up to Alaska for the summer, and leaving behind some of the best climbing areas in the world (Donner Summit, Tuolumne Meadows/Yosemite....I'm going to miss all that wonderful granite!). I'll be missing out on a great climbing season here, but I think I can make up for it in Alaska. Anyhow, just trying to see if there is anyone in the Kenai Peninsula area (primarily around Cooper Landing/Moose Pass) that is interested in climbing this summer? I know there are a bunch of places along Seward Highway...looking for anyone who is interested, no experience needed, just a harness and shoes! I've got the rest of the gear:) If there is anybody who has climbed in the area that could offer some information that would be great too!

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Hey Nicholle! I'm definitely interested in climbing this summer. I'll be working at Gwin's Lodge in Cooper Landing, where will you be?
Hey Kimberly! I will be at Summit Lake's about 20 miles from Gwin's. Anyhow, I've been talking to Brian who is also working at Gwin's, and he has done some climbing as I said, only shoes and harness required...I'm bringing everything else! There seem to be a lot of awesome climbing along the road cuts of Seward Highway. We'll have to get in touch when we get up there. I start work on May 20. Can't wait!
Nice! I've been chatting with Brian sounds like we're gonna have a great time. I'll be there by May 24th or so (not completely sure, I'm driving up, leaving MN May 15th). I'll bring my harness/shoes/etc. -- I'm excited!


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