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For a newbie who has never been to Alaska, could someone give me some idea of what outdoor gear to bring? Snow pants/boots, gloves/mittens, down coat, rain coat, windbreaker?

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It may still be a little chilly when you get here. It is already staying above freezing. I would recomend a hoodie or light/medium jacket. Maybe gloves. I wouldn't pack heavy snow gear. A rain coat is always a good idea for the summer we do get some rain here.



Excellent, that is exactly what I needed to know. Thanks:D

There will probably be snow on the ground when you get here, as we did get a lot this year.  But there won't be lots.  You will definitely want a warmer jacket/coat or coat for the evenings at both the beginning and end of the season.  A hat and small gloves might be nice.  A rain jacket/wind breaker is a does rain in these parts. 

The days are warming up the mid-50's...but the nights are still the 30's. 


Hope that helps a little bit.  Packing is always the most difficult part, but know that you won't need anything too fancy.  We are pretty casual in AK.


I think I remember reading something that said we should have a set of business casual clothes for something.... But now that I'm looking for it, I can't find the reference. Do you know anything about that? As vague a statement as that was haha.

Its always a good Idea to have one business casual outfit Though I don't know of any work related things there are times you will have the opportunity to visit other lodges during the summer and some (like us) have an upscale dinning room where nice clothes are preferred. Nothing says you need a wardrobe like this but one outfit would be a good idea, a simple slack pants and a nice blouse are perfect and a shawl or cardigan if the top is sleeveless.

Also if you ever ride the train, which I highly recommend us employees can't wear jeans.   So yes bring a nice pair of pants.  Just don't do like I did last season; my nice pants were the same color as my work pants, that was kind of a drag.  

You can't wear casual clothes on the train? I never would have guessed that... Good to know, thanks:D

The train is full of guests that are mostly of a mature generation. Sadly if the company allowed casual clothing someone would ruin it for the rest of us, its just a fact. Not to mention the company wants to put the best foot forward at all times, most likely while traveling in the rail you will meet people and they will ask you lots of questions. They want to see fresh clean smiling faces attached to a body dress properly for its environment, Not a disheveled person in ripped up jeans and a t-shirt with a bad attitude. I am not saying you have to be a freaky stepford replica but being dressed in business casual and just being a pleasant person is idle for train travel. 

Define "business casual" for me...

Dress slacks or a nice skirt, and then a button up blouse or a nice polo. No jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, sneakers. Things like that.

Dress slacks- any non-jean black, navy, brown pants. You can also wear a nice skirt that hits at the knee or below.

Dress top- Any non-t-shirt top, something you would consider wearing on an occasion to meet someone important. This top can be sleeve less but would be paired with a cardigan or blazer.

 You can wear a dress that hits at the knee or below, if sleeveless pair with cardigan. 

Nice comfortable shoes.

Checkout this site for more details if you need.


Wow Stepford replica.....wonder what comments you make about me and how I dress everyday..


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