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Where is everybody working this summer?

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Mt. McKinley as a porter! woot woot!

Mt. McKinley as a Room Attendent

Same as Katie! Mt. McKinley as a porter

Porter supervisor!
Tour desk again! Glad to hear you'll be back, Jacob!

Love to see these lady Porters!

right? that is what I was thinking!!

ill be in laundry for now but im a porter for life haha. ill be with my porter brother and sisters soon enough hahaha

Where in Alaska?

I'm coming back as FD lead again.

I'll be bussing in the twenty this season. Super stoked.

I will be cocktail serving here at Mt. McKinley. It is my first seasonal job and I have a countdown to May 9. I don't think I have been so excited for anything in my life!


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