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Hello im Jeremy im gonna be a porter later in the season was just wondering who was all gonna be on the porter team this year, this is my 2nd yr so if you have any Q's get at me.

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I'll be a porter. Should be fun!

You need to get out of laundry ASAP!
Ya I know just one month ill be there, and besides may is sort of slow ill be ready for the busy months.

I'll be a porter. I might have a few questions soon. 

I'm going to be a porter!

If anyone has any good CDs please bring them!!

what's your definition of good?

Bring a variety, the porter trucks will always have a mix of people and tons of different tastes in music.

Hey Jeremy, the packing list included a softball glove. Are we playing a game possibly or is this just for catch?

Ya there was one last year it was chill so i would bring one. 

I'll be a porter.


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