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i have applied for half a dozen jobs and no one calls i am 55 and i do not understand older people have more experience that younger ones what do i do ?

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Kathy, I am having the same problem this year. I have worked last two seasons in Idaho, now, the same company isn't going to hire me back. Somehow, when they add the numbers up, Anyone over 50 seems to fall by the wayside. I have gotten 17 No's since March 2nd.

I am still trying...and I am not gonna quit! Well, not anytime soon. What always does happen is that "they" will get within one or two days of their "opening" and realize that "hey, John (or Jane Doe) didn't show up!! And scramble to the phone or email to try to fill the hole ASAP.!!!

Whatever, Luck to you!

hi cathy,
don is right about filling holes. alot of people sign contracts, and then just don't show up. also, the job market has slowed down. bryce canyon didn't hire as many folks this season. they will still consider good people, no matter what age. they got 3 times as many applications, and still have to sift through all of them. if you apply, and someone quits, or is terminated, & they like your app, references, & feel you are a good fit, they will call. be persistant, and call back, they will remember you! good luck,....peg
what position u apply for and when did u start applying
Line Cook, Chef, Cook, Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Manager etc.,etc.
Hi Cathy. Part of the issue might be timing. I sent my applications in during the second week of February which apparently was just in time for the summer 2009 hiring cycle. I learned later that I could have begun applying as early as November 2008 (but still had my old "permanent" job back then). I would keep trying if I were you and just be patient and persistent. BTW, I turn 60 this year so age is likely not the main issue.
I don't think its age, either, so don't dispare. I applied for cook, and when they called I was enthusiastic, and said I would do anything they needed me to do, including washing dishes. I did get my desire, and will be cooking in Yellowstone. Remember sell yourself. An older worker has alot to offer, if you are in good health.
You may have to make calls to Human Resources offices for the places you applied for and introduce yourself, have you considered Grand Teton Lodge Company for the summer, it's close to Yellowstone. What jobs are you looking for ie driver, server, etc.?
Hi Cathy! I have just completed two seasons at YNP (summer and winter), and will be going on to Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park next month for the season. I just turned 62. One thing you might take a look at - your availability. Reservations are down for many destinations, and employers are certainly giving serious consideration to applicants who are in a position to work the entire season. To get your foot in the door so to speak, did you indicate you would accept a position other than what you applied for? At YNP, I accepted a position I didn't specifically apply for, and enjoyed every day I was there for doing so. RMNP offered me what I really did want, and I'm delighted. The bigger seasonal employers receive thousands of applications I understand, so perhaps you might want to try to follow up on your applications. There is always the possiblility that you may hear from a company for later in the season, due to no-shows, terminations, etc., and there's a need for additional personnel at "mid-season" (about August), when many younger employees must return to school. Stay flexible! Hope this helps a bit.
thank you to everybody that reply to my discussion about being 55 and not understanding how come no one is calling about jobs i have applyed for .everything helped that you all said .so thanks again


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